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February 2015



On Saturday evening (2/28) at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York, Jerry Kennedy gave the keynote address, "Why Poe Matters Now," for the Fourth International Poe Conference. This event was attended by about 200 scholars from 24 nations.



Anthony Ramstetter (MFA student) had three poems accepted by Oxford Magazine in their 30th Anniversary Anthology ("Sit," "Facebook," "35 Ways of Making Love"). Additionally, Anthony's speech disability poem and homophonic translation from The Kalevala, the national poem of Finland, has just been accepted by The Oklahoma Review ("Vittuankyttaa"). Another poem by Anthony is now being published by Drupe Fruits this month, both in print chapbook and on-line ("It's Trickling Down, Alright").



Gregory Borse, (Ph.D., LSU, 2004) was named the President of the Arkansas Philological Association at the 2014 annual Association Conference.  In 2013, he was named the editor of The Philological Review, the association's scholarly literary (peer-reviewed) journal founded in 1974 and currently hosted at the University of Arkansas at Monticello.



Anna Wilson (MFA) had four poems from thesis manuscript accepted for publication by POOL (forthcoming, summer 2015).



Various poems from Dylan Krieger's MFA thesis project have been accepted for publication in the following journals: Foothill ("peri-" & "Acarophobia"), la fovea ("rite hype" & "Cultures"), Crab Fat ("automessiah" & "sacred sucre"), So and So ("why's virus"), Deluge ("original schism" & "Agateophobia"), and Juked ("in media rape" & "bad news, new world order").



January 2015



Michelle Masse (Faculty) gave two presentations at the Modern Language Association convention in January:  "Negotiating Past and Future: Feminist Activism in Language and Literature Workplaces," which was accepted as part of Presidential Theme "Negotiating Sites of Memory," and "Periretirement: Getting Ready for 'The Change.'"  Michelle also hosted a cash bar as President of the Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages, which was co-sponsored by Feministas Unidas, the Gay and Lesbian Caucus, Women in French, and Women in German. In addition she chaired the business meeting of the Women's Caucus, and attended that for the Age Studies Discussion Group, for which she is the outgoing Chair. She again was part of MLA's job counseling mentoring program for those on the market.



Michael Von Cannon's article "A Tale of Optics: Poe, Visual Culture, and the Antebellum Literary Celebrity" has been published in volume 47 of Poe Studies: History, Theory, Interpretation.



Sharon Aronofsky Weltman was named the the William E. "Bud" Davis Alumni Professor in April 2014.  Also in April, she presented an invited plenary talk "Performing Drood:  Parlor Songs and the Opium Dream Ballet" at the Berkeley Colloquium: "Victorian Performance."  In May, she presented another invited plenary, "Sweeney Todds:  The Satirical Afterlife of a Victorian Bogeyman" at the 2014 CUNY Victorian Conference, "Bad Victorians." At the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals conference in September, she presented her paper "'Newsboys . . . crying themselves hoarse along the footways':  Richard Mansfield as Jekyll and Hyde on Stage and Street" in Wilmington, DE.  In November, she delivered an invited lecture,"Performing DROOD:  Melodrama, Music Hall, and the Opium Dream Ballet," at the University of Mississippi.  Also in November, she presented "Broadway Jane:  Melodrama, Liberty, and the Gothic" at the North American Victorian Studies Association conference in London, Ontario, Canada.



November 2014



Amy Rossi (MFA) has a story, “If You Need Me, I Will Be Over Here Listening to ‘Slide It In’ on Repeat,” was awarded honorable mention in Hayden Ferry Review’s Flash Prose Contest. Additionally, she was a finalist for Sonora Review’s Short Fiction contest. Her story “Aller Unfug ist Schwer,” was selected for publication and appears in Issue 66, released this month.



Chris Tusa's second novel, In the City of Falling Stars, has been accepted by the University of West Alabama for publication.



October 2014



Michelle Masse was an invited roundtable participant on the "Training for Activism in the Academy: Contradictions and Possibilities" panel at this year's  Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society Conference at Rutgers.  She also co-organized and presented at a panel on "Psychoanalysis and Feminism: Recollection, Working Through, and Transformation," and chaired a roundtable about "Psychonalytic Perspectives on Pedagogy."  At this year's Board meeting, she was elected for a second term.



Darren Hutchinson (PhD Student) had his article "The Performance of Pluralism and the Practice of Theory (For Richard Rorty)" published in The Pluralist: The Official Journal of the Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy 9 (2):103-129 (2014).



A Ship on the Line, a collaborative collection of poems by and Vincent Cellucci (MFA, 08) and Christopher Shipman (MFA, 09) was recently released from Unlikely Books.



Randolph Thomas's collection of poems, The Deepest Rooms, won the Gerald Cable Award and is forthcoming in February 2015 from Silverfish Review Press.  His prizewinning collection of stories, Dispensations, was published this month by New Rivers Press and is available on-line and in stores. He has a new poem, "On Any Night," in the 2014 issue of Apalachee Review.



McElveen Professor Laura Mullen's eighth collection, Complicated Grief, is forthcoming from Solid Objects press (NYC) in 2015. She was the recipient of a Manship Summer Fellowship from LSU and her recent poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Fence and Abridged. Her collaboration with composer Nathan Davis will have its world premiere in early November 2014, performed by the La Jolla Symphony and Chorus. Mullen was the resident poet at Mount Tremper Arts in New York in July and was invited to read her poetry and give a talk on Poetics at Wayne State University (in Detroit) this fall. She is currently the Director of Creative Writing at LSU.



Keija Parssinen’s forthcoming novel, THE UNRAVELING OF MERCY LOUIS (March 10th, 2015, Harper Books), was recently featured in Library Journal's "Key Literary Fiction Previews" for the Spring of 2015:



Jim Wilcox’s novel Modern Baptists is the 2014 Louisiana Book Festival's One Book, One Festival selection. On Nov. 1 Jim Wilcox will lead a discussion of his novel at the Festival.



Dylan Krieger's (MFA Student) essay, "Morettian 'Abstract Models' for Poetry Analysis," has been published online in Jacket 2. The paper was originally written at LSU for a graduate seminar taught by Benjy Kahan.



Bill Moran (MFA Student) has poems accepted for publication in upcoming anthologies: one in Freezeway Press's Again I Wait for This to Pull Apart; and another in The Dead Animal Handbook.



September 2014



Claire Dixon, an alumna of the LSU MFA Program, is the 2014 winner in Poetry of the Faulkner Wisdom Creative Writing Competition.



June Pulliam will be interviewed about the horror genre on the C-Realm Podcast and profiled by Leanne Myers-Boone for the most recent issue of Country Roads Magazine. She will be speaking about James Whales' 1931 film Frankenstein on the 9th of October for the pre-show for the Department of Theater's production of Frankenstein.



Michelle Zerba delivered an invited lecture entitled "Reflections on Skepticism in Homer's Odyssey and the Poetry of C.P. Cavafy" in July at the Institute for Critical Inquiry and the Freie Universität in Berlin, Germany.  Her book, Tragedy and Theory (1988), has recently been reissued as a paperback and an e-book by Princeton University Press in their Legacy Library.



August 2014



PhD Candidate Travis Hubbs has work to be published posthumously in "An Unlikely Companion." This book is a collection of powerful work hand-picked by editor Brian James Lewis from the slush pile at "Spark: A Creative Anthology." Imaginative, gripping, and at times transgressive, these selections did not fit Spark's guidelines and goals and yet, each was so compelling that Brian knew it had to be published. The pieces in this collection are included by personal invitation only. The first author invited to participate in this project was Travis Hubbs, a professor of English and a PhD candidate at Louisiana State University. His passion and enthusiasm for writing fiction inspired many othersand continues to do so. He was excited to participate in the "An Unlikely Companion" project, and so this collection is published in his memory. Learn more and pre-order here, with an option to donate to the Travis Hubbs Memorial Scholarship Fund.



Solimar Otero posted her essay, "Borderlands and Crossroads: Transnational Connections in the Performance of Afrolatina/o Spiritualities" to the Theater Working Group (TCG) Salon. This blog is part of the TCG 2014 National Conference. Check it out here.



Sue Weinstein's co-authored article with LSU Education colleague Jackie Bach, "Who's the Teacher? What Tony Danza Taught Us about English Education," has been published in the July 2014 issue of the journal English Education.



Jaime Cantrell was named to a National Women's Studies Association (NWSA) Governing Council position (Lesbian Caucus chair).



Will Torrey's essay "Vanishing Act" has been accepted for publication at The Florida Review.



June 2014



June Pulliam’s book Encyclopedia of the Zombie: The Walking Dead in Popular Culture and Myth was recently published. Additionally, her essay "Real or Not Real—Katniss Everdeen Loves Peeta Melark: The Lingering Effects of Discipline in the Hunger Games Trilogy" appears in the just released collection Female Rebellion in Young Adult Dystopian Fiction (Ashgate Press). She will also have a second book published later this year: Monstrous Bodies: Feminine Power in Young Adult Horror Fiction.



Matt Dischinger (PhD Student) will participate in the 2014 Futures of American Studies Institute at Dartmouth College from June 16-22. He was also recently elected to serve on the Executive Council for SSSL's Emerging Scholars Organization.



Christie Mills Jeansonne (PhD Student) recently presented "'The sordid shame of the great city': Impossibilities of Spiritual-Aesthetic Redemption and Wilde’s Urban Spaces" at the annual Northeast Modern Language Association conference in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. At the conference, she was also awarded a NeMLA Summer Research Fellowship in support of forthcoming archival research. She also recently presented Biblical Spanking: The Rhetoric of Power Relations at the Rhetoric Society of America conference in San Antonio, Texas.



May 2014



Josef Horacek (Faculty) has received his Ph.D. from Emory University. The title of his dissertation is "Eloquent Barbarians: Poetry, Translation, and the American Avant-Garde."



Laura Helen Marks (former student) is a co-host on the latest episode (#36) of 1970s adult film podcast, The Rialto Report, interviewing adult film legend Sharon Kane. The episode can be found at their website,



Jaime Cantrell (PhD Student) is pleased to announce that her co-edited collection of original essays titled "Out of the Closet, Into the Archive: Researching Sexual Histories" is under contract at SUNY Press. This project examines the complex process of doing historical archival research on lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals and communities. These essays engage with pressing issues and challenges at the forefront of academic research in LGBT archives ranging from personal reflections on the problematic nature of interpreting sexualities in archival documents, manuscripts, and ephemera to the difficulties inherent in historicizing archival normativity with regard to (trans)gender, race, class, and format marginalizations.



Randolph Thomas's essay, "A Family of Acrobats," appeared in the on-line journal Trop.



Monica Miller has been elected to the Executive Council to the Society for the Study of Southern Literatures Emerging Scholars Organization.



Emily Nemens (MFA student) was awarded a Tennessee Williams Scholarship to the the 2014 Sewanee Writers' Conference. This summer she will also be participating in the TENT: Creative Writing conference at the Yiddish Book Center in Amherst, MA.



April 2014



Monica Miller (PhD Student) was accepted to participate on the Brooks Dissertation Forum for the St. George Tucker Society's annual conference in Atlanta, July 31-August 2.



Anna Wilson (MFA student) was awarded the LSU Press Award, selected by Johanna Drucker, with attached scholarship, for textual artwork "OH PLEASE ENTRANCE ME," submitted and exhibited in Art Unbound III: Malleable Language. February 2014.



Josef Horacek, instructor, has published the essay "Pedantry and Play: The Zukofsky Catullus" in Comparative Literature Studies 51.1 (2014).



Jackie Kari (MFA) has recently been accepted into SUNY Buffalo's PhD program in Poetics. I will be attending in fall of 2015.



Lindsay Dearinger's (PhD Student) essay "Mormonism in A Study in Scarlet: Colonization on the Frontiers (of Sherlockian Logic)" appears in the current issue of The CEA Critic, 76.1 (2014).



Jaime Cantrell has published her article "Lesbis Sustineo! Naiad Press Authors Remember Barbara Grier" in a special issue of the Journal of Lesbian Studies, 18.4 (2014).



In March, Sharon Aronofsky Weltman's essay "Theater, Exhibition, and Spectacle in the Nineteenth Century" has appeared in the Blackwell Companion to British Literature (edited by Robert DeMaria Jr, Heesok Chang, and Samantha Zacher).  She also presented "Dickens, Drood, and the Opium Dream Ballet at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (INCS) conference in Houston, TX on March 29. On March 26, she was honored to be recognized as a Rainmaker in the senior scholar category, a major research award at LSU.



Monica Miller (Graduate Student) is one of three graduate students chosen to attend the 2014 National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute on "Reconsidering Flannery O'Connor."



Jackie DeRobertis, a senior Creative Writing major, is the Undergraduate Winner of the Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers' Student Writing Contest for her story, "Her Face in the Dark."



Hannah Reed, a current MFA student, is the Graduate Winner of the Gulf Coast Association of Creative Writing Teachers' Student Writing Contest for her story, "Three Encounters on the Balsa."



Daniel Grammer's (Former Student) story "Wake" has been republished in Plain China: Best Undergraduate Writing 2013.  Daniel's story originally appeared in Delta Undergraduate Journal.  Daniel is now in the MFA program at the UMASS Amherst.



March 2014



Michael Bibler (Faculty) recently presented on the History of Sexuality and the antebellum southern writer William Gilmore Simms at the biennial conference of the Society for the Study of Southern Literature in Arlington, Virginia. As a member of the program committee, he also chaired the opening plenary session in which four senior scholars presented Manifestos for the futures of Southern Studies. Lastly, he presented on the film and Broadway adaptations of Truman Capote's works at the Tennessee Williams Festival in New Orleans. The panel included Brenda Currin, who played Nancy Clutter in the film adaptation of In Cold Blood.



Martha Pitts (Graduate) recently presented "Amanda Berry Smith, Susie King Taylor, and Emma Ray, and the Rules for Nineteenth-Century Black Women's Autobiography" at the Society of Nineteenth-Century Americanists' Third Biennial Conference at UNC Chapel Hill. She also has a chapter, entitled "Nineteenth-Century Motherwork: Ideology, Experience, and Agency in Autobiographical Narratives by Black Women" in Patricia Hill Collins: Reconceiving Motherhood, forthcoming August 2014.



Solimar Otero (Faculty) delivered the Keynote Address, Borderlands and Crossroads: Transnational Connections in Afrolantina/o Spiritualities, at the 2nd Annual Csar E. Chvez Undergraduate Symposium, Indiana University, March 9, 2014.



Daren Dean (Faculty) has two fiction pieces accepted for publication. The first, entitled “The Night Swimmer,” will be published in the forthcoming March 2014 issue of Chicken Scratch. The second, “Bad Company,” an excerpt from his novel-in-progress called Secessia: A Novel of the Civil War, will be published in the forthcoming Summer 2014 issue of The Green Hills Literary Lantern.



David Riche (PhD Student) has won the 2013-14 Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award.



Solimar Otero (faculty) gave a talk, Montada: Re-possessing Afrolatina/o Storytelling and Ritual, at the XXIX Biennial Louisiana Conference on Hispanic Languages and Literatures: Mobilities and Moorings, Louisiana State University, February 28, 2014.



February 2014



Solimar Otero (Faculty) is presenting and discussing the film, Under the Same Moon (2006), for LSU's "Immigration: Issues & Experiences" consortium on Monday, February 24th, at 4 p.m., in 155 Coates Hall.



Michelle Massé (Faculty) organized three panels for MLA in Chicago, two of which were also selected as part of the Presidential Theme, "Vulnerable Times in Academic Life."  She chaired one of these, "Feminists Leading for Change: Alt-Academic Feminism," and was also an invited speaker for "AAUP Addresses Campus Sexual Assault." In addition, she chaired the business meetings of the Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages and the Age Studies Discussion Group because of serving as President of both.



Emily Nemens’ (MFA student) short story, "The Derrotero Method," which appeared in the fall 2013 issue of The Gettysburg Review, was just nominated for a Pushcart Prize. In February, her cross-genre chapbook, "Butcher Papers," was published by Sibling Rivalry Press. A poem from the collection, "Some facts about sculptors," (which won the William Jay Smith Award for Poetry in 2013), was featured in issue 16 of Eleven Eleven, published in January.



James V. Catano (faculty)has been invited to screen and discuss a focus-group cut of his documentary American Dream/American Drama at the University of Kentucky, Lexington on March 3, 2014.



Soli Otero will present her talk, Crossroads and Borderlands: Bridging Conversations between the Latina/o and African Diasporas, at The Latina/o Century: Path Breakers and New Directions in Latina/o Studies Conference, at Dartmouth College, on February 14, 2014.



Laura Helen Marks’ essay, "Behind Closed Doors: Pornographic Uses of the Victorian," is in the current (17.1-2 January 2014) issue of Sexualities.



Brannon Costello, Associate Professor, recently published the essay "Fascism and Mass Culture in Howard Chaykin's Blackhawk" in ImageText: Interdisciplinary Comics Studies 7.2 (Spring 2014).




January 2014



In January, Tony Ramstetter (MFA Poetry) published in Five [Quarterly]. Find "Foursquare: Metapoetics" here:



Michael Von Cannon (graduate student) has been awarded a grant from the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation in support for research this summer on the Hemingway manuscripts.



Amy Rossi, first-year MFA student, was a finalist for the Indiana Review fiction prize, and has recently published stories in Revolution House, The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, and Ninth Letter.



December 2013



Mari Kornhauser received The Louisiana Women in Film and Television (WIFT)  Iris Award for her work and contributions to women in the Louisiana film and television industry.



Anna West (PhD Student) led a three-day workshop for educators, "Poetry and Performance: Bodying Language" at Oklahoma Art Institute in October 2013.



Alison Grifa Ismaili's (Faculty) poem "The Suspended One" has been published in the December 2013 issue of Spillway magazine



Tony Ramstetter (MFA) was shortlisted as Runner-Up for The Puritan’s (Canada) Thomas Morton Memorial Prize in Literary Excellence and his poem “Birds of the Holy Lands” was published in their Fall 2013 Issue in November and can be read here.



Katherine Henninger’s article "What Remains: Race, Nation, and the Adult Child in the Poetry of Natasha Trethewey" was recently published in the Southern Quarterly (50:4 Summer 2013: 55-74), in a special issue devoted to our U.S. Poet Laureate, Natasha Trethewey.



In November, Michelle Zerba delivered an invited lecture entitled "Homecoming, the Uncanny, and the Journey into Memory in Homer’s Odyssey"  to the Department of Classics at Yale.  She is also co-editing the Norton Critical Edition of Aristotle's Poetics and a special edition of the journal Comparative Literature entitled Odyssey, Exile, Return.  Recently, she was appointed to the Maggie B. Martin Professorship in Rhetoric and Classical Studies.



Afton Wilky's (former student) work is nominated for the 2013 Pushcart Prize and has recently been published in Jacket2, The Conversant, Textsound, and Word for/Word.



November 2013



At the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society conference this November, Michelle Massé gave a presentation on "Changing Shifts:  Engendering Justice in Academic Workplaces." She was also an invited speaker on a roundtable, "Critical Questions about Anxiety and Knowledge Production in Higher Education," chaired the "Theory and Pedagogy" panel, and met with the Board of Directors, of which she is a member.



James Claffey’s My short fiction story, "Ordinary Time," has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize by Redactions Magazine:



Anna Nardo delivered a plenary address, "El PARAISO PERDIDO, La Pelicula?" at the 5th symposium on Echoes of Renaissance Literature at the National University of CUYO in Mendoza, Argentina (11/22/13).  She also taught a three-day seminar (11/19-21/13) on John Milton's Paradise Lost to students of the university and scholars attending the symposium.  She presented both the lecture and the seminar in Spanish.



Will Torrey (Instructor) has gotten a short story, "Suspension," accepted for publication in the North American Review.



Steve Weddle (MFA 96) has published a novel called Country Hardball (Tyrus Books). The New York Times Sunday Book Review calls his writing downright dazzling.



Christie Mills Jeansonne has been selected for a Digital Humanities Summer Institute scholarship to attend the Understanding the Pre-Digital Book course. DHSI 2014 will be held in June 2014 at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.



Lauren Consuelo Tussing, MFA 2011, recently joined the University of New Mexico Press as its new Publicist. Lauren previously worked as the Marketing Coordinator at Louisiana State University Press.



Carl Freedman has just returned from London, where he gave an invited lecture on "Nixon and Watergate" in the "Superpower" section of the Southbank Centre's year-long The Rest is Noise Festival. His lecture was followed by a response from the conservative journalist and Daily Telegraph columnist Timothy Stanley, and then by a wide-ranging question-and-answer session with the large audience.



On Nov. 8-9, Jerry Kennedy delivered two lectures on Kodiak Island, Alaska, in connection with their Big Read of Edgar Allan Poe. Kennedy lectured at Kodiak College on the topic "Edgar Poe, Terror Manager," and the following day he spoke at the Baranov Museum on "Washington Irving and Edgar Allan Poe: The Secret Rivalry."



Min Kang recently had a section from her thesis, The Diary of a K-Drama, accepted for publication this winter by Dancing Girl Press for their 2014 chapbook series.



Mari Kornhauser was invited to speak on the current state of narrative television at the B3 Biennial of Moving Image in Frankfurt, Germany which is being held Oct 30 - Nov 3, 2013.



Lara Glenum (Faculty) has been invited to read at the Stockholm International Poetry Festival in early December. This year the festival is dedicated to Gurlesque (Dr. Glenum’s theory/anthology), and she will present on this discourse and do a Q & A following the reading.



Jordan Von Cannon (Grad Student) has been selected to serve as a senior advisor for the ESQ: A Journal of the American Renaissance "YiC: The Year in Conferences" annual feature. She previously served as a YiC writer in 2012 at the Society for the Study of American Women Writer's conference. She will lead a team of YiC writers reporting from MLA in January 2014. Each year, these reports from the field are written by graduate students to form a collaborative group-authored article featuring the current trends in 19th-century American literature and scholarship.



October 2013



James Claffey, MFA 2011, was interviewed in the Santa Barbara Independent about his recent publication, "Blood a Cold Blue," a collection of stories.



Monica Miller (graduate student) was nominated by the Philanthropic Educational Organization (P.E.O.) Louisiana Chapter for the P.E.O. Scholar Award, a dissertation completion fellowship.



Ana Reyes, 2nd year MFA, has received an honorable mention in the 2013 Barthelme Prize for Short Prose, selected by Robert Coover, for her story "At the Edge of the Kitchen's Light."



Stacey Amo (graduate student) presented " 'In this otherworldly space of time': Mapping Marina Warner's _Indigo_" at the annual South Central Modern Language Association conference in October. She also traveled to New York for her first meeting as a member of MLA's Committee on the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession.



Solimar Otero (faculty) presented her book, Afro-Cuban Diasporas in The Atlantic World (Rochester University Press, 2013, 2010) in an invited panel, Advances in Folklore Scholarship: Diaspora and Belonging, at the American Folklore Society annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, on October 19, 2013.

She chaired the panel "Santeras Sexualities: Race, Religion, and Politics in Cuba and presented the paper, "Cuentos: Co-constructing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Santera Storytelling, at the American Folklore Society annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, on October 17, 2013. The panel discussed contemporary fieldwork with Santera in contemporary Cuba and included scholars from Harvard University and Memorial University.

She also just published her co-edited volume with Toyin Falola, Yemoja: Gender, Sexuality, and Creativity in the Latina/o and Afro-Atlantic Diasporas, from SUNY Press.



Jaime Cantrell (graduate student) has been invited to give a talk at The Human Sexuality Collection's upcoming anniversary exhibit, "Speaking of Sex," at Cornell University Library. The HSC encourages researchers to think about sex from many angles, and featured scholars will contribute digital recordings that build a conversation around specific words and ideas emerging from the artifacts the collection has been accumulating for a quarter century.



Lisi Oliver was awarded the 2013 Prize in Teaching Excellence from the Southeastern Medieval Association. 



Laura Mullen (faculty) has been invited to read her poetry this fall at Naropa and Emory, and she presented new work-in-progress at the &Now festival of innovative writing at C.U. Boulder. The final cd in the trilogy of solo cds by flautist Claire Chase, each of which features writing by Laura Mullen has just been released (Density), and Jacket2 featured Mullen's work as the subject of a "poem talk." (Listen to the podcast on the Jacket2 site.) Her interview with author Jonathan Stalling, Phonotaxis: The Way We Travel Through each Other,  has just been published as a chapbook available from The Volta / The Conversant. Mullen will de discussing her 2012 collection (Enduring Freedom) at the Louisiana Book Festival in November.



Dena Marks published an essay in The New Sound: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Arts and Literature.



Christie Mills Jeansonne recently received an Everett Helm Visiting Fellowship from the Lilly Library at Indiana University. The fellowship supported her recent visit to the library to study Sylvia Plath's early unpublished diaries.



Amy Rossi, first-year MFA, was named a Finalist in Indiana Review's 2013 1/2 K Contest (fiction).



Jerry Kennedy has written the volume introduction and served as Advisory Editor for The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, 1923-25, Vol. 2,  just published by Cambridge University Press. Projected to run twelve volumes, the Cambridge edition is a landmark project. Under the general editorship of Sandra Spanier at Penn State University, editors Robert Trogdon and Albert J DeFazio assembled this volume with an editorial team that included Jackson J. Bryer and biographer Scott Donaldson. As Advisory Editor, Kennedy provided expertise on Hemingway's apprenticeship in Paris as well as on French references. He was also Advisory Editor for Vol. 1 which appeared last year and will serve in a similar capacity for Vol. 3, scheduled in 2014. He will attend a reception and book launch hosted by Cambridge at the Metropolitan Club in New York on Tuesday, October 1.



September 2013



Rose Bunch (Instructor) was awarded an Association of Literary Scholars, Critics and Writers Fellowship to the Vermont Studio Center. She will be joining them in December this year, and again in June of 2014. For May 2014 she will be the writer in residence at The Studios at Key West where she will also conduct a nonfiction workshop for the community.



August 2013



Megan Volpert (MFA 2006) has her new anthology reviewed in World Literature.



Danielle Lea Buchanan, second-year MFA student, has been named a finalist in the 2012-2013 Mid-American Review "Fineline Competition" for "The Widest of Wanting." 



Becky Kaiser, MFA 2013, is a finalist in the Mid-American Review "The Sherwood Anderson Fiction Award" for "How Will It Smash."



Logan Wiedenfeld recently had two articles accepted for publication.  His "The Other Ancient Quarrel:  Ulysses and Classical Rhetoric" will be published in the James Joyce Quarterly, and his "'Death thou shalt die':  Heathers and the Culture Industry" will appear in Film International.



Michelle Massé was one of 24 scholars invited to the inaugural seminar of the North American Network in Aging Studies in July, which included representatives from the European Network in Aging Studies. The seminar was hosted by the Center for Literature and Medicine at Hiram College. Plans for the groups's next seminar, forthcoming topics for the organization's new journal: Age, Culture, Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Journal, and collaborative projects with groups such as MLA's Age Studies Discussion Group, of which Michelle is President, were among the many agenda items.



Randolph Thomas's book-length short story collection, Dispensations, has won the New Rivers Press Many Voices Prize and will be published in 2014 by New Rivers Press.  The title story from the collection also won the Florida Review Editors' Prize for Fiction and is forthcoming in the fall in the Florida Review.  Thomas also has new poems forthcoming this fall in Appalachee Review and Spoon River Poetry Review.



Michelle Zerba has been awarded the Erich and Lea Sternberg Professorship for 2013-2014.  She has also received a Manship Grant and a Regents’ Research Grant for work on a new monograph, Odyssean Journeys: Homer’s Odyssey and Philosophies of Home, Exile, and Return.  In June, she directed a conference in Montreal for the Liberty Fund on “Liberty, Politics, and Skepticism in Cicero and Montaigne.”  

In July, she delivered a paper in Paris at a conference of the International Comparative Literature Association entitled “Odyssean Comparatisms:  Women, Sites of Passage and Concepts of Home in Homer’s Odyssey.”  Her book, Doubt and Skepticism in Antiquity and the Renaissance, has recently been nominated by Cambridge University Press for the MLA Scaglione Prize in Comparative Literary Studies.

She has also been invited to deliver a lecture in the Department of Classics at Yale this November



Anna West (graduate student) presented her paper, "Relational Acts" at the 2013 National Association of Teachers of English conference in Stratford-upon-Avon, England. She additionally participated on the faculty of the 2013 "Hip Hop in the Heartland," the 8th Annual Educator and Community Leader Training Institute at the University of Wisconsin. Read about some of Anna's youth spoken word poetry organizing work in the Boston Globe's May 21article, "Poetry slam fosters hope."



Sharon Aronfsky Weltman was awarded a $118, 912 grant by The National Endowment for the Humanities to direct a Summer Seminar for College and University teachers: the seminar, entitled Performing Dickens: The Theatrical Context of Oliver Twist and Great Expectations on Page, Stage, and Screen, will take place at the University of California-Santa Cruz from July 6th to August 2nd, 2014.

On August 8th, 2013 she gave a keynote lecture, “The Meta-Mystery of Edwin Drood: Broadway Victorian Music Hall and What It Means when You Decide,” at the annual Dickens Universe Conference.

She also presented a lecture, “Abolition, Censorship, and Canine Superstars in the First Sweeney Todd,” at the 19th Century Seminar series of speakers at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville on October 29th, 2012.

Her essay, “Sweeney Todd and Abolition,” was published online on BRANCH, and her 2012 essay, “Can a Fellow Be a Villain All His Life?: Oliver!, Fagin, and Performing Jewishness,” was reprinted in Dickens Adapted:  Best Essays, edited by John Glavin (Ashgate, 2012).

She was named to a three-year term on the Modern Languages Association Program Committee (2012-2015) and a two-year term on the Board of the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals (2013-2015). She is also Vice-President of Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies (2013-2015).



Daren Dean (English Instructor) has a piece in Missouri Life magazine. "The Misread Classic: Action Versus Meaning in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn." An online link can be found here:


Emily Nemens (graduate student)  has been named co-editor and prose editor of The Southern Review. And her short story "The Derrotero Method" has just been published in the Autumn 2013 issue of The Gettysburg Review



July 2013



James Claffey(MFA 2011) announces that signed copies of his collection of stories, Blood a Cold Blue, can be pre-ordered from Press 53, Winston-Salem, NC:



Christopher Shipman (MFA 2009) reports that his The Movie My Murderer Makes was a runner-up for The Cupboard's 2013 chapbook contest. The manuscript will be published by The Cupboard as part of their 2013-14 catalogue. An excerpt from Metaphysique D Ephemera, an experimental play co-written with Sarah K. Jackson, has been published by Gritty Silk and can be read online:



June 2013



Bill Demastes (Professor) has published the edited work Best American Short Plays 2011-2012(Applause Theatrebooks).



Carl Freedman (Professor) reports that his new book, Versions of Hollywood Crime Cinema: Studies in Ford, Wilder, Coppola, Scorsese, and Others, has been published by Intellect Books in the UK and by the University of Chicago Press in the USA.



Benjamin Kahan(Assistant Professor) has published two new essays: "The Walk-in Closet: Situational Homosexuality and Homosexual Panic in Hellman's The Children's Hour" in Criticism55.2 (Spring 2013); and "Queer Modernism" in A Handbook of Modernism Studies, ed. Jean-Michel Rabat (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013).


Laura Helen Marks(Ph.D. 2013) has an article, "Dying to Learn: Racial Politics and Violence as Pedagogy in Teacher Features of the Post-Reagan Era," in the June 2013 issue of PARACINEMA(Issue #20). She also presented her paper, "Period Porn: On/Scene and Off/Scene Bodily Fluids," at the 20th Biennial Conference of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research at Marymount Manhattan College, NYC, June 6-8 2013.



Jessica Ketcham Weber (PhD 2010), a tenure-track professor at Cascadia Community College outside of Seattle, WA, has been appointed Associate Dean for Student Learning at Cascadia. Her new position will include working on a new BA degree in Sustainability; the development of mentoring and professional development opportunities for part-time faculty; supervising the Math and Writing Center; continuing to work on STEM initiatives with local high schools; supervising the community-based learning degree requirement; and continuing to develop campus-wide integrative learning projects.



May 2013


Kevin Casper (graduate student) has accepted a tenure-track job at the University of West Georgia, in Carrollton.



Femi Euba (Professor) reports that his book Camwood at the Crossroads (2007) was the book for discussion at the May 5th  TransAfrica Reader's Corner, in Washington DC.



Carl Freedman (Professor) reports that the electronic magazine Three Monkeys Online has just published an extended interview with him about his book on Nixon. The title of the interview is "The Age of Richard Nixon a study in cultural power," and the URL is


Zach Godshall (Assistant Professor) was one of 21 invited speakers to the March 9th TEDxLSU conference held at LSU's Reilly Theatre, where he talked about the creative process he discovered while making the film Byron. Here is a link to the talk:



Candice Hale(graduate student) presented "Family Ties and Lies: Passing For What? in Danzy Senna's Caucasia"and "'You Ain't Been in my Skin': Struggling to Exist in Emily Raboteau's The Professor's Daughter"at the 37th Annual National Council of Black Studies in Indianapolis, Indiana on March 13-16. She also presented "Infectious Binaries: Negotiating Blackness, Whiteness, and Boundaries in Danzy Senna's Symptomatic"at the 73rd Convention of the College Language Association in Lexington, Kentucky on April 10-13.


John David Hardy(MFA 2011) has accepted a tenure-track position at St. Leo University in Tampa, FL.


Alison Grifa Ismaili (Instructor) announces the publication of her short story  "Hearts of Palm" in Litro Magazine (UK):



Cara Jones (graduate student) has accepted a one-year lectureship in the Women's and Gender Studies Department at Towson University.



Laura Jones (graduate student) has accepted a tenure-track job at Montclair State University in New Jersey.



Stephen Peltier (B.A. 2013) received the LSU Honors College Outstanding Thesis Award for  "Sociopathy: A Tragic Comedy." He will begin attending the UCLA film school this fall.



April 2013



Stacey Amo (graduate student) participated in the roundtable "Terminal: Examining Masters Degrees" at the annual MLA conference this January; she has also been elected to the MLA Comiittee for the Status of Graduate Students in the Profession. And this April 4, she presented "Comparative Sexualities in Maryse Conde's Who Slashed Celanire's Throat?" at the College English Association Conference.



Adam Atkinson (MFA 2013) has accepted an assistantship at the University of Utah to pursue a Ph.D. in creative writing beginning this fall.



Gregory Borse (Ph.D. 2004) was granted tenure and promotion to Associate Professor at the University of Arkansas, Monticello. His chapter "'She looks like a wrong one to you?' MoneyBloodyBody--Marxist Subversion in Hitchcock's Psycho and Stephen Freer's The Grifters" is included in the collection Marxism and the Movies: Class Struggles in the Cinema (Kevin Durand and Mary Leigh, eds, McFarland Press). 



Boz Bowles (Instructor) has received a Tiger Athletics Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award from the College of Engineering. 



Bill Demastes (Professor) has received a Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award from the Honors College.



Laura Faulk (graduate student) has won a university-wide dissertation-year fellowship, providing a year's support to research and complete her dissertation.



Carl Freedman (Professor) has received an ATLAS (Award To Louisiana Artists and Scholars) Grant, providing support to complete major research for the 2013-2014 academic year.



Laura Glenum (Assistant Professor) has won the Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award the College of Humanities and Social Sciences.



Michael Hegarty (Associate Professor) is recipient of the LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award.



Benjy Kahan (Assistant Professor) has received the Phi Kappa Phi Non-Tenured Faculty Award.



Sarah Liggett (Professor) has been selected as the Donald & Norma Nash McClure Alumni Professor.



Kris Mecholsky (graduate student) has been awarded the Lewis P. Simpson distinguished dissertation award.



Monica Miller (graduate student) and Penelope Dane (graduate student) made a presentation on bullying research and comparative policies to the Louisiana Women's Policy and Research Commission at the State Capitol in Baton Rouge on April 9.Milleralsohas been selected to receive a Mary Lily Research Grant from the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture at Duke University.  The grant will support her travel to Duke's Rubenstein Rare Book & Manuscript Library, where she'll do research in the Dorothy Allison papers held there.



Dan Novak (Associate Professor) is the 2013 recipient of the Tiger Athletics Foundation President's Award.



Solimar Otero (Associate Professor) is the 2013 recipient of the H.M. "Hub" Cotton Award for Faculty Excellence.



Cam Terwilliger(Instructor) has published an article titled "Back to the Dark Chamber: Bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty, and Waiting for the Barbarians" in Fiction Advocate. The Grub Street Dailyand The Missouri Reviewalso published recent interviews with Terwilliger about his writing.



Michelle Zerba (Professor) co-directed a panel on “Odyssey, Exile, Return” at the annual meeting of the American Comparative Literature Association in Toronto in April and delivered a paper entitled “Wandering Tales: Travel, Skepticism, and Ethnographic Consciousness in the Odyssey and the Poetry of C.P. Cavafy.” She also recently participated in a Liberty Fund roundtable held in La Jolla on “Nature, Liberty, and Dignity” in the work of Kant, Rousseau, and contemporary ethical theorists.




March 2013


Brannon Costello(Associate Professor) announces that the new edition of Jack Butler's 1986 novelJujitsu for Christincludes his critical afterword, "Reimagining Mississippi inJujitsu for Christ: Civil Rights, Southern Literature, and Speculative Fictions."



Ronlyn Domingue  (MFA 2003) has published her second novel, The Mapmaker's War: A Legend (Atria Books).



Carl Freedman (Professor) has won the Distinguished Research Master Award for the Humanities and Social Sciences.



Travis Hubbs (graduate student) has published his short story "Crisis Hotline" in Blue Lake Review (Feb. 2013): And his E-Book Everything You'd Hoped It Would Be has been released by Fiction Attic Press:



Alison Grifa Ismaili (Instructor) is a semifinalist in the 2013 "Discovery Poetry Context, sponsored by the 92nd Street Y and Boston Review.



Laura Marks (graduate student) has won the 2013 Alumni Association Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award.



Ann Martin(Instructor) has won a Tiger Athletic Foundation University College Teaching Award.



Solimar Otero (Associate Professor) and Carolyn Ware (Associate Professor) have become board members of the prestigious American Folklore Society. See the following link for more:



Ben Pelhan (MFA 2012) has had his essay, "Boys Will Be Boys: A Loose Poetics in Response to the 'boyesque,'" published online by OH NO earlier this month, at poems from Pelhan's MFA thesis project, AIR SHOW, are also currently available online at Diagram.


 Jean Rohloff (Instructor) has won the university's George Deer Teaching Award.



Brooke Rollins (Assistant Professor) has won the dick Undergraduate Teaching Award. 



Chris Tusa (Instructor) reports that two of his short-short stories ("Mean Blood" and "Neighborhood Association") have been selected as finalists by Robert Olen Butler for The Southeast Review's World's Best Short-short Story Contest. Both stories appear in the current issue of The Southeast Review.


February 2013



 Darren Hutchinson (graduate student) reports that he has had two recent publications: "I Bury the Dead: Poe, Heidegger, and Morbid Literature" was published in PhaenEx: A Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture(7.1, 195-220) and "The Origin of Phenomenal Consciousness: On the Art of the Hard Problem" appeared in The Journal of Consciousness Studies (20, No. 12, 2013, 126-152).



Solimar Otero (Associate Professor) is currently on a Ruth Landes Memorial Research Fund fellowship for a book project that looks at women's narrative discourses in Afro-Atlantic religions and ethnography.  She is doing research at the National Anthropological Archives in Washington, D.C. and fieldwork in Havana, Cuba during the spring semester for the award.


Sue Weinstein(Associate Professor) reports that her chapter,  'The points are kind of the point, but theyre not the point': The role of poetry slam in youth spoken word," was published in Contest(ed) writing: Reconceptualizing literacy competitions, ed. Mary R. Lamb (Newcastle upon Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing, pp. 168-188). On February 1, Sue also participated in a panel and co-facilitated a session with doctoral student Anna West at Baton Rouge's Manship Theatre's Hip Hop Classroom Arts Integration Workshop featuring Philadanco.



January 2013



Jaime Cantrell (graduate student) presented "Desirable Feasts: Teaching Foodways and Sex in Lesbian Literature from the South" on the Southern Literature Discussion Group panel The South and Sexuality at the 128th Modern Language Association Annual Convention (MLA) in Boston, MA, January 3-6, 2013.



Moira Crone (Professor Emerita) reports that her novel The Not Yet  April 2012, UNO
Press) is short listed for the Phillip K Dick Award, a national prize for the best original paperback sci-fi novel of the year in the US. Here is the announcement:   



Daren Dean (Instructor) has a short story, "Signs of Terror," published in the current issue of the literary magazine Aries.


Michelle Massé (Professor) delivered two invited presentations at the Modern Language Association:  "Program Discontinuance On The Rise?" a roundtable for the AAUP, and "Life Support and Eldercare:  Internal and External Factors Affecting Use of FMLA."  In addition, she met with the Executive Committees of the Age Studies Discussion Group and the Women's Caucus for the Modern Languages as the chair of both groups.



Carolyn Ware (Associate Professor) has been elected to the Executive Board that governs the American Folklore Society. She will serve on the Board from 2013 through 2015. 



December 2012



James Claffey (MFA 2011) announces that "Silenced by a Widowmaker" appears in Apocrypha and Abstractionsat; "Holy Communion" appears in Tuck Magazineat; "The Cane Flays Bare& Softening of the Skull" appears in Thrice Fiction Magazineat; "Autumn Tinged with Mud" is in Negative Suckat; and "Witness for the Prosecution" appears in Red Fezat



Lauren Coats (Assistant Professor) announces the publication of the second issue of Archive Journal,which she edits. This issue focuses on undergraduates in the archives and is available online:  All pieces are open for comment. Read more about the journal at:


Bill Demastes  (Professor) has published The Cambridge Introduction to Tom Stoppard  (Cambridge University Press).



J. Gerald Kennedy (Professor) has published  Poe and the Remapping of Antebellum Print Culture by LSU Press,a collection of essays he co-edited with Jerome McGann. It is the culmination of a project that began with a symposium Kennedy organized as a fellow at the University of Virginia, which coincided with a Poe Bicentennial exhibition in 2009.He also published the chapter "Modernist Paris and the Expatriate Literary Milieu" in Ernest Hemingway in Context, edited bu Debra Moddelmog and Suzanne Del Gizzo (Cambridge University Press).



Michelle Massé(Professor) has agreed to serve on the Editorial Committee for the new journal, Age, Culture, Humanities: An Interdisciplinary Journal.



Sarah Hulyk Maxwell (graduate student) has just had three pieces published by OR: A Literary Tabloid (Otis College of Art and Design) in its October 2012 issue and a poem published inBluestem's online quarterly December 2012 edition. You can read (and listen to!) the poem at:



Christopher Shipman(MFA 2009) announces that his chapbookI Carved Your Nameis now available from Imaginary Friend Press, and his chapbook SUPER POEMS, co-written with LSU MFA alum DeWitt Brinson, is now available from Kattywompus Press.



Sue Weinstein (Associate Professor) has been appointed to the new Quality Afterschool Standards Committee of the Louisiana Center for Afterschool Learning.



November 2012



James Claffey (MFA 2011) reports that his short fiction hybrid “fragments of the bird”  is published in The View from Here (, “the ribboned corpse cold” appears at Right Hand Pointing (, “doghouse dreams” is at Camroc Press (, and two stories, “harvest moon,” and “jakes' games” are in the BITE Anthology from Trachodon Press (



Jaime Cantrell (graduate student) presented “Lesbis Sustineo! Naiad Press Authors Remember Barbara Grier" at the National Women's Studies Association conference Lesbian Caucus Sponsored Session panel in Oakland, CA., Nov. 8-11.



Carl Freedman (Professor) has recently returned from a lecture tour of Taiwan funded by the National Science Council of Taiwan. During the week of Thanksgiving 2012, he spoke on Notes on Benjamin, Adorno, Mann, and the Cinema of Michael Haneke at the National Cheng Chi University (Taipei), at the National Chung Hsing University (Taichung), and at the National Cheng Kung University(Tainan).



Alison Grifa Ismaili (Instructor) has published her poem "Jumpers" in the December 2012 edition of the Dos Passos Review .



Laura Mullen (Professor) announces that this fall she has given readings at the California College of the Arts, Notre Dame University, Otis College, the College of Creative Studies at the University of Santa Barbara, and the University of California at Davis, among other venues. Her recent book, Enduring Freedom, has been reviewed in HTMLgiant and picked up (with a discussion of her film "the veil") at the Poetry foundation's blog:



October 2012



James Claffey (MFA 2011) James Claffey has published a number of stories recently: in Necessary Fiction "The Birdcage," in Blue Fifth Review Music Issue "Losing my Voice," in Word Riot "Blood a Cold Blue," in Connotation Press,  "Small Bites,"  "Mangled Fingers and country music," and "Extreme Unction" (plus interview), in Spittoon "Tarot," in Bong is Bard "Valvic: a heart attack in three acts," in Cobalt Review "Johnny Fortycoats," in Elimae  "The Green Hairstreaks Death," in A Bakers Dozen "Ashtray Gravestones," in Nib Magazine "Quaint like Toys," in Drunk Monkeys "Liver Spots," in The Molotov Cocktail "The Way Her Neck Angled," and in Revival Literary Journal "Cold Hands."


Brannon Costello (Associate Professor) has published "The Futurama Isn't What It Used To be: Embodiment and the 'Real Thing' in Howard Chaykin's Time [Squared]," International Journal of Comic Art (Fall 2012).



Alison Grifa Ismaili (Instructor) has published her story, "Salaam," in the most recent issue of 34th Parallel Magazine.



David Madden (Professor Emeritus) has published his latest novel, London Bridge in Plague and and Fire (University of Tennessee Press).



Michelle Massé (Professor) has delivered a paper at the annual conference of the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society, "Children Are Our Future, But What About Theirs?: Elisabeth Young Bruehl's Childism," as part of a panel she organized and chaired, "Elisabeth Young-Bruehl's Childism: Confronting Prejudice Against Children." She also chaired a panel on "Race, Gender & Sexuality" and attended the Board of Directors meeting, of which she is a member. She has also recently been appointed a member of the Louisiana Women's Policy and Research Commission as a designated member for the Louisiana Commission on Higher Education. And she is the guest editor for the current special issue of Academe: Bulletin of the American Association of University Professors on "Serving the Public, Charging the Humanities," which also features an article by Anna Nardo.



Monica Miller (graduate student) has published "Feminist Fairy Tales in Who Killed Amanda Palmer?" in the new book, Feminism in the Worlds of Neil Gaiman: Essays on the Comics, Poetry, and Prose, published by McFarland & Company.


Emily Nemens (graduate student) has had her illustration project, Women of the 112th Congress (which features watercolor portraits of all 94 women in 112th US Congress) featured on Huffington Post, NY Magazine, and Tumblr's Storyboard in recent weeks. The portraits were also on view in Atlanta, September 29-October 12, as part of the Billboard Art Project. More info and interview links at


Dan Novak (Associate Professor) published an essay entitled "Performing the Wilde West: Victorian Afterlives, Sexual Performance, and the American West," in the latest issue of Victorian Studies 54:3 (Spring 2012), 451-463.


Randolph Thomas (Instructor) has won the 2012 John Gardner Memorial Prize for Fiction for "To Live by the Lake," which appears in the summer/fall issue of Harpur Palate. In the last year he has also published stories in Washington Square, Blue Mesa Review and Thema, and poems in Clapboard House, Iron Horse Literary Review, and Verse Daily.



Sharon Weltman  (Professor) is pleased to announce the publication of her edition of Sweeney Todd: The String of Pearls, or The Fiend of Fleet Street by George Dibdin Pitt (the first appearance of the Sweeney Todd story on stage, 1847) as a special issue of Nineteenth-Century Theatre and Film 38.1 (June 2011), released just this summer . 



September 2012



Alison Grifa Ismaili (Instructor) is the winner of the 2012 Faulkner-Wisdom Competition for her short story "The Bottom." 



Emily Nemens (graduate student) has published her illustrated memoir, Eating on Berry Street, in the September edition of Alimentum:


Keith Sandiford (Professor) has been awarded the 2012 Frantz Fanon Prize by the Caribbean Philosophical Association (CPA) in recognition of his overall contribution to Caribbean thought. Sandiford joins a prominent group of distinguished Caribbeanists (Paget Henry, Catherine Reindhardt, and Brinda Mehta), Latin Americanists (Walter Mignolo), Atlanticists (Michel Rolph-Trouillot) and Africanists (Molefi Kete Asante), who have been previous recipients of this prize.



Michelle Zerba (Associate Professor) is one of two finalists in the humanities at LSU for an NEH Summer Stipend. Her project is Odyssean Journeys: Reading Homer's Odyssey with C.P. Cavafy, Aime Cesaire, and T.S. Eliot



August 2012



James Claffey (MFA 2011) reports a busy summer: "Afterbirth" in Eunoia Review (; "On the Mitch" in NAP (; "Inspiration: Threading the Needle in the Labyrinth" in Everyday Fiction (; "Counting Holes in my Shoes" and  "Ghost Watch" in Scissors & Spackle (;"Hard Freeze" in Tampa Review Online (; "Cut Short" in Orion Headless (; "Landlubber," "Ice Shards & Spangles," and "Knife Sharpening" in Word Play Sound (; "Tuesday May 8th In the Poor Ground of Glasnevin Cemetery, Dublin" in Blue Fifth Review (; "Fryday 16 June in the Year 1681" in Unshod Quills (; "rare Glimpse," "One Potato, Two Potato," "Cello" in Monarch Review (



Daren Dean (Instructor) has an online exclusive interview with writer and artist Gladys Swan on the Ecotone website at:


Mari Kornhauser (Associate Professor) is a 2012 finalist for the prestigious PenUSA award in the teleplay category for her work on Treme, episode "Slip Away" (HBO).


Dena Marks (graduate student) published a series of poems with commentary in the August issue of Luvah: Journal of the Creative Imagination.



Laura Mullen (Professor) reports that her seventh book, Enduring Freedom, has just been released (Otis Books / Seismicity Editions), and Sound and Rhymes, the bilingual poetry journal from Hong Kong, has produced a special issue on her work. The Acadia Project, just out from Ahsahta, features two of Mullen's poems, and the new issue of Taipei Chinese PEN includes her translation (with colleague Gang Zhou) of a poem by Yu Hong Chen. Mullen has just returned from launching her new collection at the Decatur Book Festival. There is an interview with the author up at


 Anna Nardo (Professor) has published her essay "John Phillips's Translation of Don Quixote and 'the Humour of Our Modern Language'." in Restoration: Studies in English Literary Culture, 1660-1700. vol. 36 (2012), 1-22.  



Michelle Zerba (Professor) has published Doubt and Skepticism in Antiquity and the Renaissance with Cambridge University Press. Cambridge University Press has nominated the book for the René Wellek Prize, which is awarded by the American Comparative Literature Association to the best book published in the field for the year




July 2012



Jacob Berman (Assistant Professor) has published American Arabesque: Arabs and Islam in the Nineteenth Century Imaginary (America and the Long Nineteenth Century) (New York University Press).



Bill Demastes (Professor) edited, compiled, and introduced the newly released Best American Short Plays 2010-2011 (Applause Theatrebooks).



Matt Dischinger (graduate student) recently won the Colby Kullman Prize for Outstanding Critical Work at the Southern Writers, Southern Writing Graduate Conference on Oxford, MS, for his essay "'The lowest thing'?: Faulkner and the New Southern Jew."



Alison Grifa Ismaili (MFA 2012) is a finalist in the Faulkner-Wisdom Competition in the novel-in-progress category for her MFA thesis, The Handle or the Blade.



Sally Stephenson, an international student and English major who attended LSU a/y 2009/2010, has published her first novel, Wildfowers (Rage of Heaven), currently available on Amazon. Half the proceeds are being donated to charity.



June 2012



James Claffey  (MFA 2011) reports that  three of his prose poems are now available at, and his short story "Clouds in Blue Sky" is at



Monica Miller (graduate student) published an article, "Reading as Initiation: Ceremonial Metanarratives in Mayra Montero's The Messenger,"  in Ofo: Journal of Transatlanatic Studies 1.2 (December 2011). And this month she presented her paper "Cloche Call: Material Matters and Millinery Work in The House of Mirth" at the Edith Wharton in Florence conference in Florence, Italy.


Laura Mullen (Professor) has just returned from the "&Now" conference on innovative writing in Paris. She did a performance ("White Inc.") at the Institute d'anglais Charles V and gave a talk (on Gertrude Stein) at the Sorbonne.


Christopher Shipman (MFA 2009) has a new book, Romeos Ugly Nose, published by allography press. The book is a collaborative work of Shipmans poetry and paintings by Benjamin Cockfield.  A book launch and art show will be held at Paris Parker Salon (4410 Highland) at 7pm on Saturday June 30th.



Chris Tusa (Instructor) was just informed that Robert Olen Butler picked two of his short-short stories ("Neighborhood Association" and "Mean Blood") as finalists for The Southeast Review's World's Best Short-Short Story Contest.


Kim Vodicka (graduate student) has a book of poems, Aesthesia Balderdash (Trembling Pillow Press), due for release on June 7.



Sue Weinstein (Associate Professor) and Anna West (graduate student) have published their article, "Call and Responsibility: Critical questions for youth spoken word poetry," in the summer 2012 issue of the Harvard Educational Review.


May 2012



Jaime Cantrell (graduate student) is a 2012 recipient of the Phil Zwickler Memorial Research Grant study in the Human SexualityCollection at the Cornell University Library.



James Claffey (MFA 2011) has a non-fiction audio story, "i'll tell me ma," at Palooka Journal 3: Another audio story, "Upturned Sky," has been released at Carte Blanche: And on May 31 his story "Treachery"  was published at Extracts:



English majors Anne Delatte, Jessica Thomas, and Katelyn Wood all graduated this spring as University Medalists, signifying having earned 4.0 GPAs throughout their undergraduate careers.



Kristopher Mecholsky (graduate student) won the 2012 South Central Modern Language Association Graduate Student Grant for work on his dissertation.



Kristi Richard Melancon (Ph.D. 2011) published "Teaching: A Job, A Lifestyle, A Story--Possibilities and Limitations of an Intergenerational Oral History Project" in Exploring Cultural Dynamics and Tensions within Service-Learning, eds Stuart and Webster (Charlotte: Information Age Publishing, 2011). And her dissertaion, An African American Discourse Community in Black and White: The New Orleans Tribune, was the winner of the 2012 Lewis P. Simpson Distinguished Dissertation Award.



Christopher Shipman (MFA 2009) has accepted a full-time position teaching creative writing and literature at St. Martin's Episcopal School in Metairie, LA, beginning fall 2012.



April 2012



Mona Alkadi (graduate student) was highlighted in the Reveille on April 4 for her American Sign Language class. See 



James Claffey (MFA 2010) has published his story "Sepsis" in the current issue of Molotov Cocktail ( short stories, "Odd-sized Legs" "Eaten Alive" and "Tree Killer" are in the current issue of Bicycle Review (; and his poem "Brooklyn, NY" was the chosen poem for poetry month for Friday the 13th at Thunderclap Press ( Plus, his story "Rare Glimpse" is the winner of the Linnet's Wings audio competition and will be published both online and in June's print issue. And "Alter Rail" is available at A- Minor Magazine's website:!



Bill Demastes (Professor) presented the talk "The Truth About Outliers: Thinking Through Science and Theatre" at the annual British Society for Literature and Science Conference held 12-14 April in Oxford, England. 



Maia Elgin (graduate student) was awarded a fellowship to attend the literary seminar "SLS Kenya, Between the Lines" December 2012 in Nairobi and Lamu.



Cara Jones (graduate student) has been awarded a $20,000 AAUW Dissertation Fellowship for 2012-2013, to write her dissertation From Wandering Wombs to Female Troubles: Hysterical Discourse in Endometriosis Self-Help Literature and Memoirs from the Intersections of Queer and Disability Theories.



Casey Kayser (Ph.D. 2010) has accepted a visiting assistant professorship at the University of Arkansas.



Mari Kornhauser (Associate Professor), a writer for the HBO drama Treme, shares in the honor bestowed upon the series as a recipient of a Peabody Award.  For details go to:



Sarah Liggett (Professor) has won an LSU Distinguished Faculty Award for 2012.  



James Long (Ph.D. 2011 and Instructor) has won the 2012 Josephine A. Roberts Alumni Association Distinguished Dissertation Award in Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences.



John Lowe (Professor) presented a paper, "Madison Smartt Bell's Haitian Trilogy: An Anniversary Tribute to the Revolution that Shook the World" at the bi-annual conference of the Society for the Study of Southern Literature March 29-April 1 in Nashville. He also presented "Two Trains Running: The Dual Tracks of Ethnic Humor in Alexander Posey's Fus Fixico Letters" at the MELUS Conference in San Jose, and he gave an invited talk, "The Future of Rawlings Studies in the Twenty-First Century," at the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Conference in Ocala. 



J Gerald Kennedy (Professor) has received the SEC's inaugural Faculty Achievement Award.



Monica Miller (graduate student) was selected recipient of the 2012 Eudora Welty Research Fellowship, funded by the Eudora Welty Foundation and co-sponsored by the Mississippi Department of Archives and History. The fellowship will support Ms. Miller's research this summer in the Welty Archive in Jackson, Mississippi. 



Laura Mullen (Professor) has won an LSU Alumni Association Faculty Excellence Award for 2012 and an ATLAS (Award to Louisiana Artists and Scholars) Grant giving her release for 2012-2013 to pursue her creative and scholarly interests.



Solimar Otero (Associate Professor) has published her essay,"The ruins of Havana: representations of memory, religion, and gender," in the latest issue of Atlantic Studies, June 2012, 9(2): 143-163.



Christopher Shipman (MFA 2009) has had three poems published by Spork Press, six poems by Tenderloin, one poem by Airplane Reading, one in Bayou Magazine, and one in H_NGM_N.



Kent Wascom (B.A. 2008) has just accepted a two-book deal with Grove Atlantic. His debut novel, The Blood of Heaven, will be published in 2013.



Sharon Weltman (Professor) has won an LSU Distinguished Faculty Award for 2012 and an ATLAS (Award to Louisiana Artists and Scholars) Grant giving her release for 2012-2013 to pursue her scholarly interests. On April 27 she presented the keynote address "The Culture of Performance and Sweeney Todd: George  Dibdin Pitt to Stephen Sondheim" at the Philosophy of Performance Conference at Notre Dame.  And in March she presented "Broadway's 'Jane! Jane!':  Victorian Feminism, Impressionism, and the Gothic in Jane Eyre: The Musical" at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference, University of Kentucky.



Afton Wilky (graduate student) was awarded a scholarship to attend the Wesleyan Writer's Conference this summer.



Michelle Zerba (Associate Professor) delivered a paper entitled "Odysseus' Wandering Tale: Memory, Fantasy, and Trauma Story" at the annual conference of the American Comparative Literature Association held in March in Providence, RI.



March 2012



Jim Catano (Professor) has co-produced a documentary, Revisiting Flaherty's Louisiana Story, which has been accepted for streaming at In December he gave an invited talk, "Making War on USA: Showtime Remakes Barabara Kopples' Harlan County, U.S.A.," at the University of Kentucky. In January he gave a talk at the Modern Language Association in Seattle: "Voicing Authority: Confessing Before God and Errol Morris." And also in January Catano was awarded an Economic Development Assistantship grant through The Program in Film and Media Arts in cooperation with the Department of English, a 4-year $25k graduate assistantship for a graduate student in English to work with Catano on documentary filmmaking.



James Claffey (MFA 2011) has three stories in the March issue of Thrice Magazine: "Snow was General," "Dublin on a Wet Day," and "How I Came into the World." For online access go to: And his short radio play Easter Sunday is available at 



Britton Estep (graduate student) has had an excerpt from her novel Signals published by Shambhala publishings 35<35 Young Buddhists Project at www.35<



Jerod Hollyfield (Ph.D. 2011 and Instructor) has accepted a tenure-track assistant professorship at Western Kentucky University.



Travis Hubbs (graduate student) published a short fiction piece, "Guys Like Us," in Specter #4 (Dec. 2011).



Laura Jones (graduate student) published "Under the Bus: A Rhetorical Reading of Barack Obama's 'More Perfect Union'" in Postmodern Culture 21.2 (2011).



Jessica Lowe (B.A. exp 2012) has been accepted to the prestigious Divinity School at Duke University for Fall 2012. 



John Lowe (Professor) has published "Creating the CircumCaribbean Imaginary: Dubose Heyward's and Paul Robeson's Revision of The Emperor Jones" in Philological Quarterly, vol. 90 (211): 317-339.0



Laura Mullen (Professor) has work published in the recently released anthology I'll Drown My Books: Conceptual Writing by Women. She will be performing in Paris at the Sorbonne as part of the &Now festival this summer. 



Brenda Marie Osbey (Assistant Professor) has published "Why We Can't Talk to You about Voodoo" in the collection Circling Faith: Southern Women on Spirituality, edited by Wendy Reed and Jennifer Horne (University of Alabama Press, 2012).



Martha Pitts (graduate student) presented a paper in February entitled "Humanizing the Graduate School Experience: Locating (Black) Feminist Pedagogical Space Between Academic Institutional Margins" at Tulane University's inaugural Black Women's Health Conference. She also has a book review of Eliza Potter's19th-century memoir A Hairdresser's Experience in High Life in Callaloo (Winter 2012).



Anna West (graduate student) presented a talk on March 5 at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, entitled "Everybody Make Some Noise: The Audience Dynamic in Youth Spoken Word." It was part of a 12-week public series on hip-hop pedogog, performance and culture hosted by UW's Urban Education program.



February 2012



Adam Atkinson (graduate student) has been awarded a Critical Language Scholarship by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. This summer he will study Korean at Chonbuk National University in Jeonju, South Korea.



Gregory Borse (Ph.D. 2004) is editor of the just-published Other Canons: A Selection of Non-Western Literary Masterpieces (Fountainhead Press, 2012), which features an introduction to the Mahabharata by former LSU English Professor John Bainard Cowan and an introduction to the Babylonian creation myth Enuma Elish by Gregory Marks (Ph.D. 1998). Borse also wrote the introductions for The Epic of Gesar and for The American Diary of a Japanese Girl.



Jessica Buchanan (B.A. expected 2012) has had a poem, "Monkey Moon," published in the February 15 issue of Dig newsletter (p. 6):



James Claffey (MFA 2011) has had several publications in the past month: "Little Red Rooster," "Sally Gap," and Mortification I" in Connotation Press; "Coal Shuttle," and "Nightlight" in Drunk Monkeys; and "Lizard Hunting" in Apocrypha & Abstractions. Claffey also published several audio stories: "Hail Holy Queen," "A Hoor of a Day," and "Placenta" at The Drum Literary Magazine; and "Nurse's Station, "Pig's Feet," "Off to the Parade," and "Tinker Girl Imagined" at WordPlaySound.



Brannon Costello (Associate Professor) recently published Comics and the U.S. South (U. Press of Mississippi), a collection of essays co-edited with Qiana Whitted, which includes his essay, "Southern Super-Patriots and United States Nationalism: Race, Region, and Nation in Captain America."



Ginny Engholm (Instructor) has been been awarded a Tiger Athletics Foundation (TAF) First-Year Teaching Award.



Christy Foreman (Instructor) has been named a Service-Learning Faculty Scholar. 



John David Harding (Instructor) has been been awarded a Tiger Athletics Foundation (TAF) First-Year Teaching Award.



Jerod Hollyfield (Instructor) has been been awarded a Tiger Athletics Foundation (TAF) First-Year Teaching Award.



Cara Jones (graduate student) has been awarded a 2012 NEMLA Graduate Travel Award to present her paper "Erasing Endometriosis: Disability & Invisibility in Endometriosis Self-Help Literature" at the 2012 Northeast MLA Convention. 



Jerika Marchan (B.A. exp 2012) has been accepted to the University of Iowa's prestigious MFA program for Fall 2012.



Jamie (Jamecia) Mayes (B.A. 2006) has just published a collection of poems, Tear Stained Dresses & Dusty Shoes (Bookstandpublishing, 2001). For more information, go to Ms. Mayes's website:



Dini Parayitam (B.A. exp 2012) has been accepted to the University of Iowa's prestigious MFA program for Fall 2012.



Cam Terwilliger (Instructor) has received a grant of $7500 from The Elizabeth George Foundation of his historical novel-in-progress Yet Wilderness Grew in My Heart. His work has also been supported by fellowships from The Virginia Center for Creative Arts and The American Antiquarian Society.



January 2012



James Claffey (MFA 2011) has had his short piece "The Nesting Doll's Brittle Bones" published at, and "Bedwetter" published at Three more shorts are forthcoming in Thrice Magazine in the early part of the year.



Carl Freedman (Professor) announces the publication of his book The Age of Nixon: A Study in Cultural Power (London: Zero Books).



Tomohiro Hori (Ph.D. 2011) has accepted a tenure-track position at Hirosaki University, one of Japan's top-level national universities. 



John Lowe (Professor) presented two papers at the Modern Language Association in Seattle: "Twisted Teachers in Woolson's 'King David' and Ganes's A Leson Before Dying" and "Pow-wowing the Stage: Hannah Geiogamah's Subversive Comedy." Lowe also served as an MLA Assembly delegate where he was elected to the national elections committee.



Solimar Otero (Associate Professor) has been elected to the Board of the American Folklore Society. And she has just won a fellowship from the Ruth Landis Memorial Research Fund to conduct research in Washington, DC and Cuba.



June Pulliam (Instructor) has been named co-editor of Dead Reckoning: A Review Magazine for the Horror Field.



Christopher Shipman (MFA 2009) has two poems, "Staying Put" and "Hawk Rising" in the current issue of Arkansas Review. And a review of his book Human-Carrying Flight Technology can be found in Dig Magazine at 



December 2011



Zach Godshall (Screenwriter-in-Residence) has received a 2011 Louisiana Filmmakers Grant, awarded by Louisiana Entertainment, a division of Louisiana Economic Development. The grant is to be used to fund films made solely in Louisiana: Zach will use the support for a documentary on Louisiana's wetlands. His current film, Lord Byron--named "Soul of Southern Film" by Oxford American Magazine at the  Indie Memphis Film Festival--has been released by the Sundance Institute and is availble for download on iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and Hulu (streaming for free). Website: Lord Byron was also part of Baton Rouge's Third Street Film Festival, Dec 30, at the Manship Theatre. 



Brenda Marie Osbey (Assistant Professor) has had her opera-in-progress, Sultane Au Grand Marais, produced at the George Houston Bass Performing Arts Space of Brown University on December 8. She has also joined the English Advisory Committee for the Academic Studio at the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts.



November 2011



William Burke (Instructor)  has recently won the Slash Pine Chapbook Competition for The World is Full of Peasants. It will be published December 2011.



James Claffey (MFA 2011) has had his short story "Tell My Wife I'm Sorry" published in Toronto Quarterly: 



Barbara Heifferon (Professor) has had her article "Immigrantion Reform: Re[forming] Theories and Cyber-Designs" published as a chapter in the anthology Computer-Mediated Communication Across Cultures, edited by Kirk St. Amant and Sigrid Kelsey (New York: IGI Global).



Ben Pelhan (graduate student) has directed a music video, "Just Scrap the Crap," which can be found on YouTube at: or by searching the title.



Lauren Consuelo Tussing (graduate student) has had a poem, "Lemme see your eye, baby," published in Our Flow is Hard ( Others are forthcoming in the journal dislocate.




October 2011



Carolyn Chun (MFA 2009) has won the 2011 Kenneth Patchen Award for Innovative Fiction for her manuscript How to Break Article Noun. The award comes with a $1000 prize and a contract to publish with JEF Books/CCM.



Bill Demastes (Professor) has been appointed editor of Applause Theatrebook's Best American Short Plays series through 2014.



Alison Grifa (graduate student) presented her poem "The Suspended One," at this month's Arkansas Philological Association Conference at the University of Central Arkansas. And her short story "Shape-shifters" appeared in the September release of 10,000 Tons of Black Ink.



Anthony Hoefer (Ph.D. 2008), currently director of the Honors Program at George Mason University, has had Apocalypse South: Judgement, Cataclysm, and Resistance in the Regional Imaginary accepted for publication by The Ohio University Press.



J. Gerald "Jerry" Kennedy (Boyd Professor) served as advisory editor of volume one of the just-released Cambridge Letters of Ernest Hemingway (through 1922) and continues in that important capacity for volumes two and three.



Emily Nemens (graduate student) has been notified that she is a finalist in Esquire magazine's Short Fiction Contest. Esquire will fly her to New York for a fiction workshop and literary salon.



Afton Wilky (graduate student) has a review of Emily McVarish's A Thousand Several forthcoming in Rain Taxi.



September 2011



Lauren Coats (Assistant Professor) has received a second grant--of $108,000--from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation to support her project, the journal Archive.



John Lowe (Professor) published "Constance Fenimore Woolson and the Origins of the Global South" in Witness to Recontruction: Constance Fenimore Woolson and the American South, ed. Kathleen Diffley (Jackson: UP of Mississippi, 2011), 37-55. He also delivered a paper this September, "From Bartram to Woolson: The Origins of the Tropical Sublime in Southern Letters," at the Southern Literary Forum meting in Santiago de Compostela, Spain.



 Lex Muery (B.A. 2011) has had a poem accepted for the September issue of Toasted Cheese.



Poems by Laura Mullen (Professor) have been published in Ghost Town, New American Writing and the anthology A Broken Thing: Poets on the Line (University of Iowa Press). Others are forthcoming in The Denver Quarterly and the Otis Review. Poetry Daily featured her work on its August website, and the recording of Jason Eckhardt's song cycle Undersong--which includes the setting of a long poem from Mullen's 2005 collection Subject--was released in August. She has been invited to read at the University of Maine, Orono in September and to give the keynote address to the Gertrude Stein Society ay PAMLA in Claremont this fall.



Internationally acclaimed literary figures Chinua Achebe, Gabriel Okara, and Brenda Marie Osbey (Assistant Professor) will discuss "Voice and Memory in the Poetic Imagination" on Monday, September 26, 2011 at Brown University.



Chris Shipman (MFA 2009) has had his collection of poetry, Human-Carrying Flight Technology, accepted for publication by Blaze VOX Books. 



Sharon Aronofsky Weltman (Professor) has published "'Can a Fellow Be a Villain All His Life?' Oliver!, Fagin, and Jewishness" in Nineteenth-Century Contexts 33.4 (Sept. 2011): 371-388.



August 2011



Ava Barrett (graduate student) was one of the winners of Country Roads Magazine's Southern Short Story Contest. Her non-fiction submission "Assisted Living" can be read at



Alison Barker (Instructor) published the short story "Fact of Life" in May's issues of Fwriction;Review. Her review of Lidia Yuknavitch's memoir Chronology of Water appears in May's Chicago Review. And her review of Tina Howe's multi-play collection Birth and After Birth is online at Rain Taxi.



James V. Catano (Professor) has been elected At-Large Representative of the 10-member Steering Committee for the Working Class Studies Association.



Susan Kirby-Smith (Instructor) has had her short story "The Bear" selected as one of ten finalists in the Wordstock Fiction competition, Portland, Oregon. It will appear in the anthology The Wordstock Ten.



Martha Pitts (graduate student) participated in the NEH Summer Institute "The Role of Place in African American Biography," co-sponsored by the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts, Williams College, and the Upper Housatonic Valley African American Heritage Trail.



Anna West (graduate student) was awarded the Intellectual Contribution/Faculty Tribute Award by Harvard University's Arts in Education Masters program, from which she graduated this spring.



Jim Wilcox (Professor) has received the Louisiana Center for the Book Louisiana Writer Award for 2011.



Afton Wilky (graduate student) has published five poems in the Spring 2011 issue of BlazeVOX. Five more poems are forthcoming in vol. 38.1 of Black Warrior Review.



July 2011



James Claffey (MFA 2011) has had his novel Motions of Souls named a finalist in the William Faulkner Creative Writing Competition novel-in-progress category. A novel excerpt Skull of a Sheep is forthcoming in the New Orleans Review, and "Daisy Chain" will appear in the summer issue of Shady Side Review.



Ben Kopel (B.A. 2006) is the author of the chapbook Because We Must (Brave Men Press). He is editor of the July 15 edition of NOO Weekly, and his full-length collection, Victory, is forthcoming from H_NGM_N Books (Spring 2012). 



David Madden (Professor Emeritus) and Kris Mecholsky (graduate student) have co-authored the just released James M. Cain:Hard-bloiled Mythmaker (Scarecrow Press). 



Monica Miller (graduate student) had her guest blog about plagiarism featured on Inside Higher Ed's "University of Venus" column:



Jenn Marie Nunes (MFA 2009) has published poetry and fiction in such journals as pork, Drupe Fruits, Monkeybicycle, Alice Blue Review, elimae, and the Sonora Review. Her e-chapbook Strip recently appeared in PANK Magazine.



M.O. (Neal) Walsh (Instructor) has won the First Annual Louisiana Arts and Film Commission Screenwriting Contest for a short film adaptation of his story "The Freddies." This is the first project undertaken by the Commission designed to incubate films made entirely in Louisiana. Neal has also just accepted an assistant professorship at the University of New Orleans.



Sharon Aronofsky Weltman (Professor) has published "Boz Versus Boz in Sweeney Todd: Dickens, Sondheim, and Victorianness" in Dickens Study Annual 42 (2011) 55-76. On July 9 she gave a plenary address entitled "'Tis an Idle Prejudice I grant': Representing Race in Pitt's The String of Pearls" at the Politics, Performance, and Popular Culture in Nineteenth-Century Britain Conference at the University of Lancaster, UK. And on July 23, she presented "Victorian Melodrama and the Penny Press: The Cultural Work of Sweeney Todd in Print and on Stage" at the Research Society for Victorian Periodicals Work and Leisure Conference at Christchurch University, Canterbury, UK.  



June 2011



Bill Demastes (Professor) has published "Portrait of an Artist as Proto-Chaotician: Tom Stoppard Working his Way to Arcadia" in Narrative 19.2 (May 2011): 229-240.



John Lowe (Professor) recently published "The Tropical Sublime in Nineteenth-Century Southern Writers" in Southern Quarterly 48.3: 90-113. In May he also delivered a talk, "Woolsons Development of the Tropical Sublime: From 'The Oklawaha' to Jupiter Lights" at the Amaerican Literature Association Conference in Boston.


May 2011



Maureen Claffey (Instructor) and Britton Estep (graduate student) had their wearable sculpture "Mourning Cocoon: Grief Suit and Sadness Jacket" exhibited at the Uncommon Threads Wearable Art Fashion Show in Baton Rouge on May 13.  



Carl Freedman (Professor) has published an introduction and two essays in a special section of Film International (vol. 9.1, 2011) entitled "Gangsterism and Capitalism." The essays are entitled "The Supplement of Coppola: Primitive Accumulation and the Godfather Trilogy" and "Hobbes after Marx, Scorsese after Coppola: on Goodfellas."



Laura Mullen (Professor) has had her sixth book, Dark Archive, published by the University of California Press in April. Poems from the collection were featured in the Academy of Women Poets' Poem-a-Day site and Poetry Daily. New work appeared or is forthcoming in New American Writing,Cerise Press, and elsewhere. And she was invited to give readings recently at Brown University, the University of Louisiana, Lafayete, and the Poetry Project, St. Marks, NY, among other venues. A recording of a poem from her new collection was set to music by Jason Eckardt, performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble, and will be released by Mode Records Fall 2011. She has been elected to serve as the special delegate in Creative Writing for the Modern Language Association. 


April 2011



Sharon Andrews (Instructor) has been awarded the 2011 Gulf-South Summit Award for Outstanding Contributions to Service-Learning in Higher Education.


Jacon Berman (Assistant Professor) and Brooke Rollins (Assistant Professor) have been awarded Tiger Athletic Foundation Teaching Awards.


Jim Catano (Professor), Michelle Masse (Professor), Dan Novak (Associate Professor), and Anna Nardo (Professor) have won 2011 Regents Research Awards.


James Claffey (graduate student) has three non-fiction pieces under the title "Where's Me Dinner, Woman?" published by . His hybrid piece, "Ireland in Four Acts," will be published by the Bicycle Review  on Bloomsday, June 16, 2011.


Kevin Cope (Professor) has been named LSU's 2011 Distinguished Research Master in the Humanities.


Alison Graham-Bertolini (Instructor, Ph.D. 2009) has received a multi-year postdocoral fellowship at Tulane University.


John David Harding (graduate student) has had two images from his ongoing mixed media project "Sissy Newsome Does High Fashion" accepted for publication in the Pinch literary magazine.


Josef Horacek (Instructor) has received a 2011 Harry Ransom Center Dissertation Research Fellowship from the University of Texas, Austin.


Benjy Kahan (Assistant Professor) and Lara Glenum (Assistant Professor) have won 2011 Council on Research Summer Stipends. Kahan has also won an Early Career Residential Fellowship to the Humanities Center at the University of Pittsburgh for 2011-2012.


JohnLowe (Professor) was keynote speaker for the Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Society Conference in Deland, FL, April 15, giving the talk "Backwoods Self-Reliance in 1933 and 1988: Rawlings's South Moon Under and Tom Franklin's Poachers." He also, a week earlier, gave an invited talk "Coyote Cames: Trickster Discourse in Short Stories by Hughes, Menendez, and Gautraux" at the University of Angers, France, and a paper at the Collegium on African American Research in Paris, entitled "Circulations of Desire in Banana Bottom and Their Eyes Were Watching God.  On March 24th, he gave an invited lecture for the English Department of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia; his talk was entitled "The Geometry of Kinship in Faulkner's As I Lay Dying."


Michelle Masse (Professor) has been elected to the Board of Directors of the Association for the Psychoanalysis of Culture and Society. She is also serving as Second Vice-President of MLA's Age Studies Discussion Group and is incoming chair of the Women's Caucus in the Modern Languages. She presented "The End of the Story: Narrating (Later) Lives" at the MLA Conference, included as part of the Presidential Forum, "Narrating Lives." "Tips for Service" (co-authored w/ Katie Hogan) appeared in MLA's Profession 2010.  And on April 29 she will present an invited lecture on "Generating Service" at a symposium at the University of Pittsburgh. 


Rick Moreland (Professor) has been awarded the 2011 LSU Distinguished Service-Learning Faculty Award.


M.O. "Neal" Walsh (Instructor) has authored a review of the novel My Bright Midnight (LSU Press) by LSU alumnus Josh Russell (MFA 1993) in the Jan/Feb 2011 issue of American Book Review, Walsh's own novel, The Prospect of Magic, was reviewed by novelist Matt Baker in the Nov/Dec 2010 issue. His story "Safe," published by StorySouth last fall, has been named a "Notable Story of 2010" by the Million Writers Award which judges fiction originally published online. 



March 2011



Brannon Costello (Associate Professor) published "Randall Kenyon Beyond the Final Frontier: Science, Fiction, Superheroes, and the South" in Southern Literary Journal (43.1 Fall 2010, 125-150). He also published Howard Chaykin: Conversations (University Press of Mississippi).


Carl Freedman (Professor) has signed a contract with Zero Books of London to publish his forthcoming book, The Age of Nixon: A Study in Cultural Power, to be released in 2011 or early 2012.


John David Harding (graduate student) was featured in DIG Magazine on March 16, 2011, promoting New Delta Review and the Delta Mouth Literary Festival.


J. Gerald "Jerry" Kennedy (Professor) has been named Boyd Professor, LSU's highest honor, in recognition of scholarly achievement.


Chris Lott (B.A. 2009) has had a short story, "A MIllion Dead Bees"--which first appeared in Delta Journal--published in , an anthology of best undergraduate writing of 2010 published by Bennington College.


Dan Novak (Associate Professor) recently published "A Literature of its Own: Time, Space, and Narrative Meditations in Victorian Photography" in Media, Technology, and Literature in the Nineteenth Century: Image, Sound, Touch (Ashgate, 2011).


Christopher Shipman (Instructor) has had work achieve finalist status in two competitions: his poetry chapbook, The Terrible Novelty of Light, was a finalist for for the 2010 Copperdome Prize, and his full poetry manuscript, Born into This, was a finalist for the 2010 Akron Prize. 


Randolph Thomas (Instructor) won first place in the Blue Mesa Review fiction contest with his story "The Lost Arts," due to appear in the next issue. He also has stories accepted by Thema and Washington Square Review; his story "Intruder" is in the current issue of Arts and Letters; and he has new poems in Cold Mountain Review and Greensboro Review.


Sharon Aronofsky Weltman (Professor) has published three annotated bibliographies with the Oxford University Press Bibliographies Online: "Christina Rossetti," John Ruskin," Charlotte Bronte" (co-authored with Doris Raab). They can be found .




February 2011



Jerod Ra'Del Hollyfield (graduate student) delivered the paper "Imperial Gazes, Hollywood Predators: A Cinema of Molestation in Postcolonial Indian Literature" at the British Commonwealth & Postcolonial Studies Conference in Savannah, GA, on February 25.


Susan Kirby-Smith (Instructor) has had her prose poem "September in the Quarter" published in February's issue of Drupe Fruits (#2).


John Lowe (Professor) has delivered three papers over the past few months: "Crossing the CircumCarribean: Military Narratives of the Mexican American War" at the Southern American Studies Association Conference in Atlanta (February); "Jiggling with History: Postmodern Humor in Binelli's Sacco and Vanzetti Must Die" at the MLA Conference in Los Angeles (January); and "Tonto's Revenge: Postmoderm Ethnic Humor in Thomas King's Green Grass, Running Water" at the American Studies Association Conference in San Antonio (November). His chapter, "Writing the American Story, 1945-1952," has been published in the Cambridge History of African American Literature (341-355). And on February 19 he was featured in a on Ernest Gaines. 


Lisi Oliver (Professor) has been named Greater Houston Alumni Chapter Endowed Alumni Professor. Alumni Professorships recognize faculty members who have reputations of excellence in undergraduate teaching and demonstrate dedication to their respective academic fields.


Pallavi Rastogi (Associate Professor) has been selected to receive the LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award for 2011, recognizing superior graduate-level teaching and related activities.


M.O. Walsh (Instructor) was featured in the February 3rd issue of The Daily Reveille, covering topics such as his teaching of fiction and his recent novel, .  


Sue Weinstein (Assistant Professor) has been selected to receive the 2011 Brij Mohan Distinguished Professor Award, recognizing a faculty member who serves as a model for the community in demonstration of a commitment to peace, equality, and social justice.




January 2011



Jaime Cantrell (graduate student) has had a review essay of Margot Canaday's The Straight State, Scott Herring's Another Country, and Brock Thompon's The Un-Natural State accepted for publication in Feminist Formations.


James Claffey (graduate student) will have an excerpt of his novel-in-progress, Souls of Motion, published in CaKe, a journal of poetry and art, this spring.


Zack Godshall (Writer-in-Residence) was featured in a January 11 article in The Advocate, "BR Filmmaker goes to Sundance." 


Katie Henninger (Associate Professor) has been elected to the MLA (Modern Language Association) Southern Literature Discussion Group Executive Committee. 


Mari Kornhauser (Associate Professor) was singled out in the January issue of 225 Magazine as one of the area's 2011 People to Watch.


Laura Mullen (Professor) has been elected to the MLA (Modern Language Association) Delegate Assembly as the Special-Interest Delegate for Creative Writing.


David Newman (graduate student) has had his essay, "A Conventional Flight Plan," selected as a runner-up in Creative Nonfiction Journal's "MFA Program-Off."


Dan Novak (Associate Professor) recently published "Picturing Wilde: Millard's Iconography of Oscar Wilde" in Nineteenth-Century Contexts (32.4, 2010), 305-335. 


Kristin Sanders (MFA 2009) has had her poetry chapbook, Orthorexia, accepted for publication by Dancing Girl Press, which publishes national and international poets. Expected publication date is June 2011.


Christopher Shipman (Instructor) has two poems coming out in Clockwise Cat and one in Fine Line Magazine.


M.O. Walsh (Instructor) has had an essay, "" (about the LSU budget crisis) published in the January 9th edition of the New York Times.




December 2010



Julia Carey (graduate student) was awarded the 2010 Gold Medal in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Writing Competition at the annual Words and Music Conference in New Orleans, sponsored by the Pirate's Alley Faulkner Society. And her short story "Kudzu" will be published in the forthcoming issue of Mason's Road Online.

Benjamin Kahan (Assistant Professor) has been awarded a Wood Institute Travel Grant by the College of Physicians of Philadelphia for research on his next next book project, Sexual Emergencies: An Acquired History of Sexuality, 1870-1930.

Tracy LeBlanc (Instructor) successfully defended her dissertation, Leet Ways of Speaking: Toward a Unifying Pragmatic Theory of Virtual Speech Community Building. She will graduate from LSU with a Ph.D. in linguistics this December.




November 2010



John Edgar Browning (graduate student) has had a chapter on Montague Summers accepted for publication in the forthcoming Open Graves, Open Minds: Vampires and the Undead in Modern Culture (Manchester Univ. Press, exp. 2012, ed. Sam George). He is also completing a chapter on vampire mythology for House of Night: Mythology, Folklore and Religion (SmartPop books, exp. 2011, ed. PC Cast).

Moira Crone (Professor Emerita) was the opening plenary speaker at the annual convention AEDEAN, the Spanish Association for Anglo-American and North American Studies, held this year in Almeria, Spain, Nov. 10-14. Her presentation was, "The View from the South of the South: 'No Place for you my love,' Eudora Welty's Amphibious, Endangered Land."


Kristi Richard Melancon (graduate student) was awarded the Student Award of Excellence for her paper, "'We Plead Our Manhood': Black Men's Economic Literacy in The New Orleans Tribune,"at the Symposium on 19th-Century press, the Civil War, and Free Expression at the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga.


Sharon Aronofsky Weltman (Professor) delivered a paper, "Sweeney Todd and 'Hector the Black Boy': Theatrical, Visual, and Narrative Perspectives," at the North American Victorian Studies Association Conference in Montreal, 10-14 November. Her essay "Arcadias of Pantomime: Ruskin, Theater, and The Illustrated London News" was published in Victorian Pantomime: A Reader (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2010, ed. Jim David); and "The King and Who?: Dance, Difference, and Identity in Anna Leonowens and The King and I" was published in Conflict and Difference in Nineteenth Century Literature (Palgrave Macmillan Press, 2010, ed. Dinah Birch and Mark Lllewllyn).


October 2010



Adam Atkinson (graduate student) has had two poems accepted for publication: "The Grandfather in Space" by Corduroy Mtn. and "Something's Coming" by Gigantic Sequins. His power-point performance "The Socio-Economic Underpinnings of Steeler Nation" was selected for inclusion in "Whatever It Takes: Steelers Fan Collections, Rituals, and Obsessions" at the Miller Gallery, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA.


The Katrina Decameron, a collaborative novel by current and former LSU MFA students (Andrew Banecker, Vincent Celluci, Brock Guthrie, Jane Stubbs, Kristen Foster Kirschner, Stephanie Nash, and Adrianne Comeaux) and Andrei Codrescu (Professor Emeritus) has been released as an audio book on itunes.


Alison Barker (graduate student) has had a short story, "Your Break-Up," appear in for the week of October 25.  


John Edgar Browning (graduate student) has signed contracts for his third and fourth books: Speaking of Monsters: A Tetratological Andthology (Palgrave Macmillan Press) and Movie Monsters in Print: An Illustrated History (Schiffer Books). Browning also has three entries forthcoming in The Encyclopedia of the Vampire (Greenwood Press, exp. Nov. 2010), and "Towards a Monster Pedogagy: Reclaiming the Classroom for the Other" accepted for the forthcoming Schooling Ghouls: Approaches the the Pedagogy of Horror,as well as his co-authored "Where Reality and Fantasy Meet and Bifurcate: Holocaust Themes in Pan's Labyrinth, The X-Men,and V" accepted for The Fantastic in Holocaust Literature (McFarland Press). He also has two book reviews accepted for publication in Dead Reckonings: A Review Magazine for the Horror Field.


Jaime Cantrell  (graduate student) is the recipient of the 2010 South Central Modern Language Association conference prize in Cultural Studies. She will present "Down and Out in Mississippi: Producing Authenticity and Exemplarity in Small Town Gay Bar"at the association's Lesbian Studies Caucus panel.


James Claffey (graduate student) has had a short fiction piece, "Laundry List," accepted for publication this January in Online Quarterly, Up the Staircase. His novel-in-progress, Rigmarole, was short-listed as a finalist in the 2010 William Faulkner-William Wisdom Creative Writing Competition for Novel-in-Progress.


Lisi Oliver (Professor) gave two talks at Wake Forest University: a graduate seminar on "Who Wrote Alfred's Laws" and a public talk on "Women and Violence in Barbarian Law." English Before Magna Carta: Felix Leiberman and Die Gesetze der Angelsaschen, a collection of essays co-edited by Dr. Oliver, has just been released.


Randolph Thomas (Instructor) has had his prizewinning short story, "According to Foxfire," published in the fall 2010 issue of Glimmer Train Stories (#76). Another short story, "Intruder," is forthcoming in the spring issue of Arts and Letters.


Lauren Consuelo Tussing (graduate student) has had a poem, "He's Worried," appear in the October edition of Portland Review Online.


M.O. "Neal" Walsh (Instructor) has published three stories since summer. "The Vicinity of the Sick" appears in the recent "The Future of the South" issue of Oxford American. "Safe" is in the Fall issue of StorySouth. And "Losses: A Game" is forthcoming in Daily Science Fiction.


Olympia Vernon (alumna) is one of three recipients of this year's Ernest J. Gaines Award for Literary Excellence. A panel discussion was held on Saturday Oct 30, 2010, at the Seminar Center of the State Library, where Ms. Vernon and co-recipients Ravi Howard and Jeffery Renard Allen, read from and discussed their work.


Sue Weinstein (Associate Professor) was an invited presenter at Preemptive Education, Urban Word's Annual Mentor, Teacher, Educator & Community Activist training in New York City, sponsored by Urban Word and NYU.


Jim Wilcox (Professor) was the honored guest on October 28 of the Southeastern Louisiana University's which selected Jim's novel Modern Baptists for its Common Read Program. For the event Jim gave a presentation and held two large discussion gatherings, talking about Modern Baptists and his short story "Camping Out."




September 2010



Julia Carey (graduate student) has had her short fiction piece "Alligator Man" included in the anthology New Orleans, What Can't Be Lost: 88 Stories from the Sacred City, published this month by the University of Louisiana Press, edited by Lee Barclay.


Lauren Coats (Assistant Professor) had her essay "Grave Matters: Susanna Rowson's Sentimental Geographies" published in the Norton Critical Edition of Charlotte Temple (August 2010).


Congratulations to this year's Regents Research Grant winners. The grant extends course releases to selected faculty members in order for them to dedicate their energies to research. The winners are, for fall, Brannon Costello (Associate Professor) and Jospeh Kronick (Professor); for spring, Keith Sandiford (Professor); and, for summer, Sue Weinstein (Assistant Professor)


Jerod Ra'Del Hollyfield (graduate student) has published "Driving Deadhead off the Big Road: Pre-interstate Representations of the American Trucker in Raoul Walsh's They Drive By Night and Jules Dassin's Thieves' Highway"in the Fall 2010 issue on Film International (vol. 8.3). Hollyfield also has an article, "Imperial Gazes, Hollywood Predators: A Cinema of Molestation in Postcolonial Indian Literature," scheduled to be included in Creoles, Diasporas, and Cosmopolitanisms in early 2011.


Despite recently becoming a graduate student, Sarah Hulyk (graduate student) has been selected's Undergraduate of the Month for September (after being nominated in May, when she was still an undergraduate), and five of her poems have been published on the website.


In June, Rodger Kamenetz (Professor) published "" in Tablet, an online journal, and in July he published "." in the Huffington Post. Kamenetz participated in a New York Times "Room for Debate" segment on nightmares, entitled "" and discussed the same on NPR's . On August 18 his essay on Katrina and storytelling in the Bible, "," appeared in Tablet and a shorter version was published by the Times Picayune (see in August 19. Finally Rodger wrote the script for the animated video "," produced by "God & Co." All of these items can be viewed .


Ann Martin (Instructor) just signed a contract with McFarland Publishers to publish Love, Time and Memory in Nabokov's Lolita, co-authored with James D. Hardy of LSU's History Department.


Michelle Masse (Professor) has just released her co-edited book Over Ten Million Served: Gendered Service in Language and Literature Workplaces, published by SUNY Press. Masse and co-editor Katie Hogan have been interviewed by and their work has been discussed at Marc Bousquet's blog, "." The SUNY Press series Feminist Theory and Criticism edited by Masse has published Mothers Who Deliver: Feminist Interventions in Public and Interpersonal Discourse (edited by J.F. Stitt and P.R. Powell) and Ideologies of Forgetting: Rape in the Vietnam War (by G.M. Weaver).


Irvin Peckham (Associate Professor)has published Going North Thinking West: The Intersections of Social Class, Critical Thinking, and Politicized Writing,published by Utah State University Press.  In June he published "Online Challenge Versus Offline ACT," CCC 60(2010): 718-745.


Jennifer Tamayo (graduate student) has won the Gatewood Prize for poetry. The award includes having her manuscript collection published by Switchback Books, due out in February 2011.


Jennifer Ellis West (graduate student) has had her article, "Technology Knows Best: The Cultural Work of Hospital Birth in 21st Century Film," accepted for publication in Literature and Medicine, 29.2 (January 2011).


Michelle Zerba (Associate Professor) delivered a paper entitled "The Politics of Skepticism and Sublimity in Cicero and Machiavelli" at the 2010 meeting of the American Political Science Association in Washington, DC, held 2-5 September.




August 2010



Mari Kornhauser (Associate Professor) has been hired to write for the second season of HBO's television series, Treme, created by award-winning writers Eric Overmyer and David Simon. She has also sold a reality TV pilot to A&E Network, which is shooting in New Orleans this summer.


Christopher Shipman (Instructor) has five poems forthcoming in Caron Review.


Sharon Aronofsky Weltman (Professor) delivered the Herb Furse Memorial Lecture as a keynote speaker at The Dickens Universe Conference held at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The talk was entitled, "Fagin-omics: Oliver! and Performing Jewishness on the Musical Stage."




July 2010



Jaime Cantrell (graduate student) has had her book review of Michael Bibler's Cotton's Queer Relations accepted for publication by the Journal of Homosexuality.


Laura Mullen (Professor) is pleased to announce that South Arts has awarded a Literary Arts Touring grant to LSU's Readers and Writers to support the public readings and master classes of M. NourbeSe Phillip and Robert Antoni this February (2/9/2011-2/11/2011).


The Poetry Society of America (PSA) has a new webpage, "," featuring poetry and commentary by Brenda Marie Osbey (Professional in Residence).


Afro-Cuban Diasporas in the Atlantic World,authored by Solimar Otero (Assistant Professor), has been published by the University of Rochester Press in its History and Diaspora series. It is also available on Kindle.




June 2010



John Lowe (Professor) has recently published three essays: "Transcience and Durability in the Global South," The Bucharest Review XI, 1(2009): 23-33; "Toomer, Hurston, and the Dream of a Negro Theatre," The Inside Light: New Essays on Zora Neale Hurston, ed. Deborah A. Plant (New York: Praeger, 2010), 79-92; "Early Modern Southern Writing," Blackwell's Companion to American Literature, ed. Paul Lauter (West Sussex, UK: Wiley-Blackwell, 2010), 410-426.




May 2010



Samantha Alleman (B.A. expected 2011) has received an internship with for the summer, where she'll be organizing various summer camp activities as a main camp counselor.


Elizabeth Clausen (B.A. expected 2013) recently received a Tiger Athletic Foundation Scholarship from LSU's College of Arts and Sciences.


Alison Hughes (B.A. 2007), currently an LSU Holmes Secondary Education Program student, has been selected to participate in the Folger Shakespeare Library's Teaching Shakespeare Institute 2010, an honor funded and supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). Ms. Hughes' notable accomplishment is highlighted on the LSU Website home page for May 5, 2010.


Lisa Kirchner (B.A. 2009) has been accepted to the graduate film program at the distinguished NYU Tisch School of the Arts.




April 2010



The following creative writing undergraduates have been accepted into MFA programs: Abbas Abidi (B.A. 2010) to the University of Alabama, in poetry; Jade Benoit (B.A. 2010) to the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, in poetry; Jacqueline Brown (B.A. 2010) to Pine Manor College, in poetry; Joe Calvasina (B.A. 2010) to the University of Pittsburgh, in poetry; Kayne Gorney (B.A. 2010) to the University of New Orleans, in screenwriting.


Bill Boelhower (Professor) and Michael Hegarty (Associate Professor) each received ATLAS (Awards To Louisiana Artists and Scholars) grants for the academic year 2010-2011, freeing them from all university responsibilities in order to conduct independent research in their respective fields of interest.


Amanda Briggs (MFA 2007) has had a short story, "The Landscape of Pleasure," published in the current May 2010 issue of The Atlantic.


Jim Catano (Professor) has received a 2010 Summer Research Stipend from LSU to support production and post-production work on his documentary, "After the Aftermath: Croatian Fishing Families in Louisiana." Additionally, Catano has teamed up with Dan Novak (Associate Professor) to create an edited collection entitled Masculinity Lessons,which has been accepted for publication by Johns Hopkins University Press.


On April 8, Bill Demastes (Professor) presented a talk, "Staged Procedures; Tom Stoppard's Theatricalized Thought Experiments" at the British Society for Literature and Science Conference held in Newcasle, England. He also recently received an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Research Fellowship to conduct research for the month of June 2011 in the Tom Stoppard archives at the Harry Ransom Center in Austin, TX.


Alison Graham-Bertolini (Post-doc/Instructor) has received a contract from Palgrave Macmillan Academic Press to publish her dissertation-turned-book-manuscript, Vigilante Women in Contemporary American Fiction.


John Lowe (Professor) gave two papers at the bi-annual meeting of the Society for the Study of Southern Literature in News Orleans, April 7-10: "Lafcadio Hearn and the Tropical Sublime" and "Southern Ajiaco: Cristina Garcia's Miami." He also participated on a panel discussing Sally Wolff's discovery of a plantation diary that Faulkner used. And as President of the Society, John presented the Richard Beale Davis Award for Lifetime Achievement in Southern Letters to former LSU English Department colleague, Professor Peggy Whitman Prenshaw.


Laura Mullen (Professor) has been selected Poet of the Month for April by . For more information visit.


On April 1, June Pulliam (Instructor), an English Department instructor for over twenty years, successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation, Monstrous Bodies: Femininity and Agency in Young Adult Horror Fiction.


Keith Sandiford (Professor) had his article, "Space and the Anxiety of Empire in Matthew Lewis's Isle of the Devils," published in Interactions 18.2 (Fall 2009), 123-140.


Matthew Smith (BA 2010) has accepted an offer to pursue an MA/PhD in English Literature from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.


Kirstin Squint (Ph.D. 2008) has accepted a tenure track job at High Point University in North Carolina.


Sue Weinstein (Assistant Professor) had her article, "," published in the February issue of the International Journal of Education and the Arts. She also presented a paper, "Can the revolution be televised?: HBO meets youth spoken word," at the College Composition and Communication (CCCC) annual meeting in March in Louisville, KY.


Jennifer Ellis West (Ph.D. 2009) won this year's Gale Carrithers Outstanding Essay Award for her essay "Technology Knows Best: The Cultural Work of Hospital Birth in 21st Century Film."


Rachel Zimmerman (BA 2010) has accepted an offer to pursue an MD from the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans.




March 2010



Lee Bauknight (Instructor), Sandy Granger (Instructor), and Bill Demastes (Professor) have been selected to receive Tiger Athletic Foundation Freshman Teaching Awards by the University College Center for Freshman Year.


The trailer for Maximum Gaga, a book of poetry by Lara Glenum (Assistant Professor), is featured in the Huffington Post .


Benjamin Kahan (Assistant Professor) has been awarded a Dorot Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Jewish Studies, which provides him the funding and opportunity to spend a month undertaking research at the Harry Ransom Center of the University of Texas. Kahan's project is entitled "The Walk-in Closet: Situational Homosexuality and Homosexual Panic in Hellman's The Children's Hour."

Corrie Kiesel (graduate student) has been selected to receive the English Department's 2010 Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award. She will represent the department in the upcoming College of Arts and Sciences competition.


John Lowe (Professor) was the Hurst Distinguished Professor at Washington University, St. Louis, for the week of March 1-5. He delivered two lectures, one on the South and the Caribbean, another on William Faulkner.


Renee Major (Instructor) has won the George H. Deer Distinguished Teaching Award.


Kristi Richard-Melancon (graduate student) has won the LSU Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award.


Dan Novak (Associate Professor) has been selected to receive Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Award from the College of Arts and Sciences.


Jennifer (J.T.) Tamayo (graduate student) was one of two runners up for the "Discovery"/Boston Review Poetry Competition originating out of New York's 92nd Street Y. Judges included Nick Flynn, Claudia Rankine, and Susan Howe.


Sharon Aronofsky Weltman (Professor) will present "Like a Sister: Sexuality and Sibling Rivalry in Pen and Harmon's Goblin Market" at the Interdisciplinary Nineteenth-Century Studies Conference at the University of Texas-Austin on March 26,2010.




February 2010



Suparno Banerjee (graduate student) has received an offer of a tenure-track assistant professorship at Texas State University in San Marcos.


Jim Bennett (Professor) is this year's recipient of the LSU Foundation Distinguished Faculty Teaching Award, which recognizes superior graduate-level teaching and related activities.


Lillian Bridwell-Bowles (Professor) and LeRoy Percy (Instructor) have been selected to receive Tiger Athletic Foundation Undergraduate Teaching Awards from the Honors College.


The 2010 Dickens Project at LSU essay award-winners are Jerod Hollyfield (graduate student) for "Imperial Matrimony: Domestic Epics in the Victorian Novel," and Laura Faulk (graduate student) for "'Was It Death or Life that Moved Us?': Death and Maternity in Aurora Leigh." The Board of Regents Grant that supports the Dickens Project at LSU will send Hollyfield and Faulk to the Dickens Universe conference to be held at the University of California Santa Cruz in August 2010.


John Lowe (Professor) has been selected to become the new Robert Penn Warren Distinguished Professor.


Michelle Masse (Professor) has been named 2010 Service-Learning Faculty Scholar.

On February 25, Laura Mullen (Professor) read poems at Moe's Books in Berkeley, CA, as part of the launch party for Van Gogh's Ear, the annual poetry anthology published by French Connection Press (Paris). She has also had a prose work accepted for publication in the international literary preview Versal, and her memoir "Trust," which appeared in Ploughshares this fall, has been nominated for a Puchcart Prize.


Lisi Oliver (Assoc. Professor) is this year's recipient of the Tiger Athletic Foundation President's Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions among faculty members to undergraduate education.

Kristin Sanders (graduate student) has had her poem "Sex Chat" published in Octopus Magazine,issue 13.


Keith Sandiford (Professor) has had his essay "The Isle of Devils: Intertextual, Achronic, and Third Time, and other Ways of Worlding" published in the special Time and Temporality issue of Atenea (29:1 [2009], 35-54).


Jim Wilcox (Professor) has been selected MacCurdy Distinguished Professor.




January 2010



Lauren Coats (Assistant Professor) has just received an Andrew W. Mellon Foundation planning grant of $50,800, awarded by the foundation's Scholarly Communications Program. It will fund the development of a digital, peer-reviewed journal, tentatively titled Archive,which will focus on scholarly interactions between objects and texts in special collections and archives.


Xaviera Leon (undergraduate) was recently named a Power of 9 honoree, which recognizes someone in the Baton Rouge community who demonstrates an extraordinary ethic of service and volunteerism. Xavier took both English 1001 and 2000 as service-learning courses and has volunteered as a weekly reader in local elementary schools.


John Lowe (Professor) has had an essay, "Richard Wright and Transnational Culture: Pagan Spain," published in Southern Quarterly 46.3 (2009): 69-99. He also delivered a paper entitled "Nineteenth-Century Southern Writers and the Tropical Sublime" at the Modern Languages Association Conference held this December in Philadelphia. He also recently spoke at a forum in Holly Springs, MS, celebrating the forthcoming publication of Sally Wollf's Faulkner and the Ledgers of History,which locates source materials for many of Faulkner's novels and stories in the extensive plantation ledgers of one of Faulkner's friends. (In related news, on 11 February 2010, John was cited in the New York Times article "Faulkner Link to Plantation Diary Discovered," by Patricia Cohen.)  John has also been named co-editor of The Journal of the Short Story in English.


Kristi Richard Melancon (graduate student) recently won the Tom W. Dutton Scholarship Award. This award is presented to a female student for outstanding service to the LSU community through participation and leadership in community service activities while attending LSU.


Laura Mullen (Professor) has had her first collection of poems, The Surface,reprinted by the University of Illinois Press. Also a short story, "Biography/Checkpoint," appears in the Fall 2009 issue of  Hotel Amerika. And a movie of a recent reading is up .




December 2009



Alison Barker (graduate student) has just published "Dispatches from the Third Line" in issue 13 of Front Porch.


LSU's Communication across the Curriculum (CxC) Program will be honored as a National Program of Excellence at the upcoming Conference on College Composition and Communication (to be held March 2010). CxC at LSU was described in the letter of notification as "one of the best." Sarah Liggett (Professor) is the program's current director, and Lillian Bridwell-Bowles (Professor) is the founding and past director.


On December 3, David Madden (Professor) testified in Washington, DC, before the National Parks Service subcommittee of the Department of Energy on Senator Mary Landrieu's bill (S1838) which would create the Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission. David wrote the bill himself 12 years ago when he was director of the U.S. Civil War Center.


Rick Moreland (Professor) is using three grants to support his Literature Capstone Seminar's service-learning project this fall and spring at Baton Rouge's Broadmoor High School. Moreland's LSU English majors work as mentors with 10th-grade English students, putting into action the capstone course's focus on literature, learning, and change. Moreland's community partner is Alex Hargroder (B.A. 2007), who was formerly a college student in the same seminar and who is now a Teach for America teacher at Broadmoor High.


Sue Weinstein (Assistant Professor) has had her article "'A Unified Poet Alliance': Personal and Social Outcomes of Youth Spoken Word Poetry" accepted for publication by the International Journal of Education and the Arts.


Michelle Zerba (Associate Professor) has just published three articles in leading journal in the fields of comparative literature and classics: (1) "Modalities of Tragic Doubt in Homer's Iliad,Sophocles's Philoctetes,and Shakespeare's Othello." Comparative Literature vol. 61.1 (2009): 1-25; (2) "Odyssean Charisma and the Uses of Persuasion." American Journal of Philology vol. 130.3 (2009): 313-339; and (3) "What Penelope Knew: Doubt and Scepticism in the Odyssey." Classical Quarterly vol. 59.2 (2009): 295-316.




November 2009



Rich Cooper (graduate student) has had two articles published: "Building Worlds: Dialectical Materialism as Method in China Miville's Bas-Lag," in Extrapolation, volume 50.2; and "'Bouncin' Straight Out the Dirty Dirty': Community and Dance in New Orleans Rap," in the collection of essays entitled Hip-Hop in America: A Regional Guide,edited by Mickey Hess.


Schocken Books, will publish Burnt Books: Franz Kafka and Rabbi Nachman of Bratzlav by Rodger Kamenetz (Professor) in its Jewish Encounters series, expected August 2010. Kementez also taught a Master Class on November 20 on the personal essay, and on November 22 taught a class on the memoir with Roy Blount, Jr., all as part of the Words and Music Festival of the Faulkner Society held in New Orleans. He also served as judge for the festival's poetry contest. Four of his own poems ("Homeless," "The Confessions," "Buffalo Wings," and "Damian") were published in Maggid: A Journal of Jewish Literature vol. 3 (2009). And he will deliver the opening "poetic greeting" at Kisufin, an international conference on exiled Jewish writers to be held in Jerusalem December 7-9.


In his final year (2009) at LSU, having served 41 years, David Madden (Professor) gave several lectures: "Thomas Wolfe and Balzac," at the American Literature Association Conference in Boston (May 22) and at the Thomas Wolfe Society Conference in Paris (May 23); "The Narrator as Protagonist in Poe's 'The Fall of the House of Usher,'" sponsored by the American Literature Association in Philadelphia (Oct. 10), during Poe's bicentennial celebration; "Reconfiguring the South" at the South Central MLA Conference in Baton Rouge (October 30); "Seeing James Agee in His Film about Lincoln" at the Agee Centennial Commemoration in Knoxville, TN (November 15). He will also talk about Thomas Wolfe as an Appalachian writer at the Thomas Wolfe Society annual meeting in Greenville, SC (May 2010). In October Madden was inducted into the East Tennessee Literary Hall of Fame. And on November 3 at a farewell party for David and wife Robbie at Louisiana's State Archives, Secretary of State Jay Dardenne declared the day David Madden Day. David will return in February for the dedication of the Civil War and Reconstruction Library that he created at the State Archives, when he will conduct a program on Lincoln in Lincoln Parish. His tenth novel, Abducted by Circumstance,will be published in March 2010 by the University of Tennessee Press.




October 2009



On October 2, 2009, Erin Breaux (graduate student) presented "Negotiating Desire and Grace in Julia Palmer's Centuries" at the Southern Conference on Christianity and Literature, held at Houston Baptist University.


James V. Catano (Professor) is one of five members of the Modern Language Association who has been nominated to stand for election to the association's Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is the governing body of the 30,000 member MLA. Catano currently serves as the Chair of the Division on Language and Society and is a member of the MLA Delegate Assembly.


On October 2, 2009 Bill Demastes (Professor) gave a plenary talk at the Narrative, Science, Performance Symposium sponsored and underwritten by The Ohio State University's Project Narrative. The talk was entitled, "Portrait of an Artist as Proto-Chaotician: Tom Stoppard's Theatre." Additionally, Demastes's co-edited 2007 book Interrogating America through Theatre and Performance was re-released on September 29 in paperback.


John Lowe (Professor) has completed and the Modern Language Association has published the edited collection, Approaches to Teaching Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God and Other Works. Professor Lowe contributed the introduction and two essays: "Laughing Up a World: Teaching Their Eyes Were Watching God through Humor" and "Modes of Black Masculinity in Jonah's Gourd Vine." Lowe also published "Palette of Fire: The Aesthetics of Propaganda in Black Boy and In The Castle of My Skin," Mississippi Quarterly 61.4 (2008): 553-580. And on October 9, 2009, John was the keynote speaker for the Arkansas Philological Association's annual meeting in Eureka Springs. His topic was "Listening to Loas: The effect of Haitian Revolution on Southern Literature."


Laura Mullen (Professor) has been invited by the city of Taipei to represent the United States at the Taipei International Poetry Festival to be held Nov. 20-28, 2009. Launched in 2001, the festival is sponsored by the Commission on Cultural Affairs and will feature, this year, poets from Japan, France, and Vietnam as well as leading Taiwanese poets. Mullens's poems will be translated into Chinese for this event.


Solimar Otero (Assistant Professor) gave a lecture, "Coming Home: Nature, Gender, and Diaspora in Afro-Cuban Religion," on October 5, 2009, at the Harvard Divinity School.


Panthea Reid (Professor Emerita) has had her most recent study, Tillie Olsen: One Woman, Many Riddles, published by Rutgers University Press.


Brooke Rollins (Assistant Professor) delivered an invited presentation, "Rhetoric's Justice: Isocrates, Derrida and the Ethics of Decision," at the University of South Carolina Conference on Rhetorical Theory, October 15-17, 2009. And on Octber 31 she delivered the keynote lecture, "Inheriting Deconstruction: Jacques Derrida's Rhetorical Legacies," at the South Central English Association Breakfast, part of the annual meeting of the South Central Modern Language Association.


Keith Sandiford (Professor) presented a lecture, "The Monk, Three-Fingered Jack, and the Demon King: Matthew Lewis' Nightmare of Slavery and Empire," on Friday October 30, at the Kreindler Auditorium, Dartmouth College. The lecture was sponsored by The Leslie Center for the Humanities and the Department of Art History, with generous support from the English Department and the Dean of the Faculty Office at Dartmouth.  


The lead article in the just-published 2009 issue of Studies in Jewish Literature (volume 28) is by Sharon Aronofsky Weltman (Professor). It is entitled "Jane Heir to the Glimmering World: Cynthia Ozick's Victorian Vision." Also, Dr. Weltman's article "Bos/z in Sweeney Todd: Dickens, Sondheim, and Victorianness" has been accepted into the 2011 issue of Dickens Studies Annual.




September 2009



Andrew Ervin (Instructor) had two book reviews published in the New York Times Book Review and Washington Post over the weekend of Sept, 12-13, 2009.


Mitch Frye (graduate student) has had an article published in Nabokov Studies (vol. 11), entitled "The Enchanter's Education: Nabokov's Lectures on Dickens and the Development of Lolita."


This past June, Katie Henninger (Associate Professor) was keynote speaker at the University of Bucharest's International Conference on Permanence and Durability. Her talk was entitled "'I prefer to look forward': Positioning the U.S. South in the Time of Barack Obama." She also published "Atrocity in Nation-building?: The Difference is in the Eye of the Beholder" in Mississippi Quarterly, Winter-Spring 2008.


Jerod Ra'Del Hollyfield (graduate student) had two articles recently published: "Inverting Sycorax: The Pringle Trope and the History of Mary Prince," Atlantikos 4.1 (Summer 2009); and "Torture Porn and the Bodies Politic: Post-Cold War American Perspectives in Eli Roth's Hostel and Hostel II," CineAction 78 (Fall 2009).


John Lowe (Professor) is currently featured in the MLA Radio broadcasts on "Trickster Figures in Literature," which are airing on public radio stations across the nation. Also, in September John presented a paper, "Color, Skin, and Sensation in Lafcadio Hearn's CircumCaribbean"at the Southern Literary Forum bi-annual meeting in Paris.


Brenda Marie Osbey (Writer in Residence) has an article, "Why We Can't Talk to You About Voodoo," set to be published in the anthology All Out of Faith by the University of Alabama Press.


Christopher Shipman's (Instructor) poem "Since the Toys are Gone" has been accepted by  Cimarron Review for publication.


Jennifer Tamayo (graduate student) has had five poems accepted for publication in Action, Yes Quarterly.


Randolph Thomas's (Instructor) short story, "According to Foxfire" won the April Glimmer Train Stories Family Matters Contest and will appear in the Fall 2010 issue of Glimmer Train Stories. His story "May Prescott" has been republished in Writes of Passage: Coming-of-Age Stories and Memoirs From the Hudson Review. And his poem "Finishing the Puzzle" has been reprinted in Don't Leave Hungry: Fifty Years of the Southern Poetry Review,where it was singled out for praise in the introduction by Billy Collins.


Milton Walsh's short story collection The Prospect of Magic won the 2009 Tartt's Fiction Prize and will be published by Livingston Press in June 2010.