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Interviewee Checklist (2 Weeks Before the Event)

Host Responsibilities 


Search committee chair and committee members


          * Dates of the event


* Guest pick-up and return to airport


* Complete candidate's schedule for daily activities


* Make sure candidate is accompanied to and from all activities


* Arrange receptions


* Meals and arrangements for meals


Complete the following documents:


               * AS499 (Reception) or AS516-B (B/L/D)


                             AS499 must be turned in for approval at least 14 days prior to reception along with the menu & a list of everyone                                   who attend and their affiliation to LSU


                              AS516-B is needed for each meal & a list of everyone who attend and their affiliation to LSU must be turned in                                    for approval at least 14 days prior to meals


                                        * ALL meals are limited to the set number of guests and the per diem rate

                                                       * Breakfast is already included in the Lod Cook stay


                              Must give a purpose for the meal (detailed topic of discussion is a must)


                              Please include guest list


                                             * Same guest or host CANNOT attend meals twice with the same interviewee


Front Office/Chair Responsibilities:


          * Airfare Richard Landry

          * Form AS 516 Richard Landry

          * Lodging Richard Landry

          * Room for preservation reservation Valerie Hudson

          * Meeting with the Dean & Office of Research scheduled (Provost if to be tenured) Chair

          * Processing of reimbursement forms for faculty and candidate Robin Collor


Interviewee Presentation


After the Meal Presentation



In order to get reimbursed for any special meal or B/L/D you have to complete an AS300 - Travel Reimbursement Form

(See presentation ABOVE to find out how)