Creative Writing at LSU



The Creative Writing Program at Louisiana State University is rigorous but open, with a secure grasp on the literary traditions that matter and a welcoming embrace for the contemporary experiments and new technologies shaping the future. Praised for its generous and collaborative spirit, the program is multi-modal, interdisciplinary, and committed to giving students an opportunity to hone their craft as writers of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and hybrid genres while also offering chances to study drama and screenwriting, build web-based applications, and work on translations in a supportive community in the context of a rich culture and an inspiring history.


LSU has been lauded for its vibrant literary culture for going on a century: the birthplace of New Criticism and the home of both LSU Press and The Southern Review, the campus has always attracted internationally renowned faculty and the English Department has a long line of stellar alumni. The undergraduate concentration in Creative Writing was put in place in the 1960s and the Master of Fine Arts program was established in 1985. Our MFA program, ranked in the top 25 nationally, is a standout for its generous funding for all admitted students, and our remarkable alumni are among the most highly regarded writers and screenwriters and editors working today—and our faculty are award-winning artists as well as outstanding, devoted teachers, and now—more than ever—we have good reasons to celebrate the strengths and accomplishments of a thriving, twenty-first century literary arts community.


LSU’s undergraduate Creative Writing concentration in creative writing has its own journal, the Delta, and the graduate program’s journal (NDR) has published some of the most highly regarded authors in the nation. Students in the MFA program have opportunities to work as editors on the NDR, or intern at The The Southern Review, as well as chances to curate an exciting reading series, or put together a dynamic annual literary festival. Recently students in the MFA have been involved in managing their own small presses, and serving as active critics, publishing book reviews as well as creative work. Alumni from both graduate and undergraduate programs have careers as teachers of literature and creative writing, managing editors at lauded presses and on-line magazines, and have secured industry jobs in television and film.


Very few places can match the multifaceted vitality of LSU’s Creative Writing program, but still fewer combine that vitality with such joyful passion in a program where genre experimentation is encouraged and students can shape their courses to serve their goals.


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